[event] Dusty Fungus & Face Invada @ Funk Club

…these Aussie bastards are smashing their iEDM across the globe…

…be sure to check them out if they are playing near you. You will get progressive and downright dirty grungy electronica, bass, glitch and more…

‘rascal recommended’



Dusty Fungus released digital EP “Toe Jam & Bum Fluff’ on LRRecords in 2011, check it out and get it here:


Face Invada is scheduled to release on LRRecords in 2014, so stay tuned for some dnb/future bass goodness from him. In the meantime check his soundcloud.com/faceinvada


Trigram Two – Steppas Records

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Trigram Two ☱

A: Adam Prescott – Shang Kuan Cheng
B: JahYu – Chuno Kinte

Order Vinyl (last few in stock!)

Steppas Records introduce the second instalment of the Eight Trigram series. Trigram02 introduces the fresh talents of Nottingham’s Adam Prescott and German Korean producer JahYu. Prescott is well known for his roots inspired dubstep, having worked with established artists such as Kenny Knots, Brother Culture, Daddy Freddy, Radikal Guru, Dub Pistols, Iration Steppas, Dynamite MC, Linval Thompson & Jah Screechy. For Trigram Two Prescott reveals the deeper and darker side of his productions with Shang Kuan Cheng. JahYu returns to Steppas due to popular demand following his acclaimed debut in 2012 which was awarded Track of The Month in leading dance magazine Mixmag. This time JahYu does not hold back, unleashing a heavy oriental steppers take on the classic Kunte Kinte riddim, already being represented by bass-heavy soundsystems around the globe. This super limited edition 400 press is mastered by renown mastering veteran Beau housed in the reverse-board Trigram house bag.
If you have any questions please get in touch! 

More info: www.steppas.com/trigram


Steppas Records/ Trigram

New releases at Juno ‘rascal recommended’

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Good dubs here, worth checking.



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Our friends at sub continental dub dropping vinyl goodies – ‘rascal recommended’


Hot on the heels of the Anomie debut EP Forward Backward via Sub Continental Dub,Sofie Loizou is proud to present the second in a series of limited 10” vinyl releases,Aphoria Horizonte

Following the success of Millions, a collaboration between Sofie Loizou and bvdub,Aphoria Horizonte is an emotionally sublime duet.

Lead track, Saturday Night Blues, depicts subtle hues emanating from the shadows of a lost weekend. Shuffling beats and deep bass will warm up any darkly lit space.

Complimenting this track, Aphoria Horizonte is a psychedelic mantra incorporating broken rhythms and dreamy melodic noise; overwhelming the senses and taking you soaring into another dimension.

Presented in beautiful art, mastered at Berlin’s infamous Dubplates & Mastering and distributed by Clone Records, this release will be sure to pique the interest of electronic music collectors worldwide!

Pre order your copy now via Clone or Bandcamp.

Available Friday November 30th 2012


Dexcell – Face The Music EP

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“Some big tunes here folks from a producer working it,…dropping on Mastermind Records” –  ‘rascal recommended’


Dexcell – Timebomb

Dexcell – Scramble

Dexcell Array (Feat Proton)

Dexcell – Decoy




Out 9th  September on Vinyl and Digital Downloads.


After the success of Dexcell’s first single with Mastermind Records (‘Believe’), which gained worldwide support on TV, radio, dance floors and festivals, Dexcell have now come forward with a new release which displays  to  their many fans that they are still deeply rooted in the underground production world. With bookings at  festivals across Europe and the UK, a number of remixes for major labels and over ten million youtube views, Dexcell are well on their way to becoming a household name. The ‘Face The Music’ E.P is already making waves in the Drum and Bass world, proving that their production is on par with the elite as well as showcasing their tight Dubstep production skills. This EP is the next step on their journey with Mastermind; with their debut album in the works, this EP shows that fans can expect a lot more from this phenomenal trio in the near future. So keep your eyes peeled.


The lead track on the EP, Timebomb, has already received extensive coverage on stations such as BBC 1 Xtra and on packed dancefloors worldwide, and it is easy to imagine why. The track begins with a seductive pad which is rich and warm in texture, and the short stabs of heavily reverbed and delayed synth create an ambient feel. Tribal drums, although not a prominent feature in the intro, add to the mystical texture Dexcell creates. The track itself consists of a bruising and dirty heart wrenching bassline over a rolling breakbeat, and this bleak,  forbidding sound becomes a fundamental aspect of Dexcell’s production throughout the EP. The drum sequencing is given further layers through the use of more tribal drums, and unlike many Drum and Bass producers, Dexcell avoids over relying on a simple, repetitive loop.


Scramble is the second track on Dexcell’s ‘Face The Music’ EP, and draws strongly on dance floor and roots reggae influences while retaining the thundering basslines and driving kick patterns that makes Drumstep such an appealing genre to ravers. Reggae is a genre that many drum and bass producers utilize, but rarely as effectively as Dexcell does here. The drum rolls and synth’s create a sound similar to that of dancehall artists  such as Movado, which leads into an explosion of Drumstep turmoil driven by pistol-crack snares and anarchic bass. This in turn leads into a fully-fledged Drum and Bass sequence, and introduces a more menacing bass sound. The interesting use of west- coast style synths over the breakdown reveals Dre style hip-hop influences; this and the dancehall vibe introduced from the opening makes ‘Scramble’ a multi-dimensional Drumstep hit that will interest fans of many genres of urban music.


The penultimate on the EP ʻArrayʼ showcases the new direction taken by the artists in pursuing a draker and more underground vibe. The intro offers an almost melancholic string section that, coupled with the heavily reverbed pads, create a sense of uncertainty. Unlike many producers, Dexcell employs a much more restrained take on the drop, which is subtle and suits the track perfectly. The bassline is not overdone either; it is simple and repetitive, avoiding the overly heavy basslines that are commonplace in many energy rich Drum and Bass  of today, while remaining effective and prominent. The drum sequencing also differs from conventional Drum and Bass in that Dexcell’s choice of snare resembles more of a clap; this helps create a dillinja-esque vibe that  seems to be coming back to the forefront in a number of established current producers. Overall, Array  presents the listener with a sinister side of Drum and Bass, that is both innovative and captivating.


The final piece on the EP is a Dubstep track, ʻDecoyʼ more conventional in the sense that it is more or  less  a relentless wave of hard basslines and even harder drum sequencing that is sure to smash raves across the country. However  Dexcell’s  use  of  spacey  synths  and  awe-inspiring  pads  give  the  track  another  dimension;  while  it  is undoubtedly a ruthless and aggressive track, it is unsettlingly melodic in parts. The drop is so sudden that the listener is not prepared for it, and is brought from an ominous yet harmonious bell-like sound and dragged straight into an intense wall of heavily distorted wobble basses and snare drums. Coming from producers that are better known for their Drum and Bass, Decoy exhibits Dexcell’s versatility and ability to make club smashers in both the Dubstep and Drum and Bass world.


Words By Tom Bletso

Mastermind Records Ltd


[new release] DUB FORCE FEAT BLADERUNNER Jah Jah Dub (EXCLUSIVE) – Liondub International

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New bizness from Liondub – ‘rascal recommended’

check it.