“Until We Roam” Produced by Bintok

UNTIL WE ROAM cover art

Supporting emerging artists – we present Bintok from Chicago USA:

bintok is a solo project developed by a Shawn Kim. As an undergrad student,
music production has become the creative means to craft aesthetic sounds that
can communicate personal experiences and share aspirations with the listener
for Shawn. As the project continues to develop, it is his aim to create music
that encourages exploration of the perpetual aspects of the listener’s own
observance and travel about some otherworldliness means, or simply bring mere
enjoyment from the listening.

LABEL: Little Rascal Records

ARTIST: Bintok

TITLE: Until We Roam

GENRE: Downtempo / Dubstep


RELEASE DATE: 2018-04-21


Bintok – Until We Roam (Original Mix)

PREVIEW: soundcloud/itsbintok


from Little Rasca...

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…we’re subdividing:

…meanwhile at Cunning Stunts Records a new form is happening, a beast is emerging.! !prepare yourselves for heavy industrial riffage/electronica/FUS.                                                        , and at the Cock Rock Division the much anticipated RC’s are warming up real good now, especially with Fraggle settling in real good on the lead gtrs! and even despite drummer, uklFuzzy being on the injury list doing his back again (this time aparrently putting down the toilet seat!).

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