[NEW RELEASE] Base Electron – Sympathetic Resonance [LRRD23]

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Yep – here comes more! We gonna keep em rolln out on LRRecords in 2016! >>>

Releasing Monday 23rd of May:



Base Electron is the creative incarnation of Australian electronic music producer Sterioevo, Sympathetic Resonance is the outcome. Made with the most magic ingredients – love, passion, dedication and commitment, merged with a full tilt exploration of sound design. All underpinned by a belief that we have the capacity to enhance each others existence.

Check out and grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of the first single taken from the forthcoming LP >


…stay tuned to LRRecords for more pre-release singles from SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE over the next few weeks!

[event] Dusty Fungus & Face Invada @ Funk Club

…these Aussie bastards are smashing their iEDM across the globe…

…be sure to check them out if they are playing near you. You will get progressive and downright dirty grungy electronica, bass, glitch and more…

‘rascal recommended’



Dusty Fungus released digital EP “Toe Jam & Bum Fluff’ on LRRecords in 2011, check it out and get it here:


Face Invada is scheduled to release on LRRecords in 2014, so stay tuned for some dnb/future bass goodness from him. In the meantime check his soundcloud.com/faceinvada


‘where we’ve come from’ EP | Little Rascal Records

‘where we’ve come from’ EP | Little Rascal Records.

“Been a long time coming! Keen to keep rolling them out this year and from here on! After much time designing and building LRRecords Studio, having a beautiful baby girl, ‘Ruby Rascal’ and working out a unique relationship with the AsperGirl I love…

Spiral Soundsystem releases some dubwise tunes!~ :)”

– ‘little rascal’


click EP cover art to link to our Bandcamp.com for FREE or Name Your Price downloads in almost all digital formats.

The release will also be available as a commercial release shortly at junodownload and all our digital online retailers.

Buy Little Rascal releases at Juno Download

and FREE download at our netlabel catalog at: sonicsquirrel.net


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

SPIRAL SOUNDSYSTEM – ‘where we’ve come from’ EP

catalog #: LRRD120113EP

track listing:

No War Steppa

Progressing to the Future

Where we’ve come from (where are we going?)

Kava Dub


Spiral Soundsystem third EP release on his own label Little Rascal Records brings forward thinking dubwise electronic music productions. Each track showcases a special message for all listeners to ponder and be engaged in.

Track one, No War Steppa presents an excerpt from the speech given by Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project (www.disclosureproject.com). It is a warning for humanity to not bring weapons to space or in any present and future cosmic endeavours by humans from Earth.

Track two is a remix version of an older unreleased spiral soundsystem track, TV Beats. The remix also uses samples from an even older track taken from debut LP ‘Welcome To The Spiral Soundsystem’, 2002. The track prompts the listener to be ‘progressive to the future’ with an open mind.

Track three samples permaculture pioneer, Bill Mollisson from the CD, Funding the Revolution recorded in Perth, WA in 1985 by Jeff Nugent. Bill is talking about Information Technology, spades and economic strategies for change and the urgent need to act. Sit back and listen, but don’t sit for long, You are needed in the revolution! For more Bill Mollisson audio and permaculture info, go to: www.permacultureplants.net

Track four is a previously unreleased track made with LOVE and a touch of the intoxicating and muddy drink Kava. Produced in Cairns, Far North Queensland. “The message is in the music”.

LRRecords can also make quality, exclusive, custom and personalised cassette tapes of the EP for a special price. Please contact me personally for hard-copy EP on cassette.

email: brett@lrrecords.com.au

Thankyou for listening – ENJOY!,

Brett Caporn,



[EVENT] LRR beat-sistas @ BEAT BAZAAR

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West Oz (now residing in Melbourne) beat gurls and ‘lilttle rascals’ ; SK and MISSLE taking on the big smoke in Melburn this Saturday… If ya in Melb’s and looking for some funky femme DJ/beat-sistas’ action – this is your gig. ‘rascal recommended’

beat bazaar

Dusty Fungus – Intonarumori EP (Available @ Addictech August 6th)

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quirky atmospheric crazy – ass producer DUSTY FUNGUS dropping a EP forthcoming with SIXBUX Productions… – ‘rascal recommended’

Dusty Fungus – Intonarumori EP (Available @ Addictech August 6th) by SixBux Productions

In the noise-driven world of a not-so distant future, sound has become the dominant form of sensory perception. With ears more sensitive than eyes, the desire grows to inhibit an equivalent field of sound. The once aesthetically pleasing realm of traditional music becomes challenged by noise-generating machines capable of complex tonality and infinite timbre. And, as the deeply emotive and provocative nature of these new sounds is granted society’s favour, the future of humanity is celebrated. Now, the world will hear only the perpetual symphony of the Intonarumori.

Almost a century later, and this concept is explored once more. Earthly female vocals immerse a delicately strung mandolins notes as tight breaks lay fluid foundations for moist oscillations, challenging the observed compatibility of auditory perception akin to ‘The Anthropic Principle’. As the low motions of bass tones form body for the rolling percussions rise and fall, granular synths morph amidst a spacious ambience. The sweet charm of classical strings eases the ‘Surreal Futurist’ further into the depths of immersive synthesis, creating the illusion of a timeless harmony. Awakened, empowering chants of Gregorian origin resonate growth within a gorgeously strung and swung, emotive headspace. The lively vibrations of neoclassical strings and synthetic foley fusion amplify the depths of ‘Aphorisms and Interludes’, engaging the senses in a defined yet harmonious journey.

Drawing influence from the sounds of new and old, organic and industrial, conventional and not, Dusty Fungus strives to create a complex, contrasting polyphony between the two. This marries the sincere, nostalgic qualities of classical music with the unique timbres and rhythms of industrial noise, making for a passionately intriguing, innovative experience.

Press Release by: Corey West

Released by: SixBux Productions
Release/catalogue number: SBR007
Release date: Aug 6, 2012


Cosmic Glitch Bitpop » Producer Pack Ltd

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Cosmic Glitch Bitpop » Producer Pack Ltd.


Cosmic Glitch Bitpop is a beautifully unclassifiable sample library that explorers the far corners of the glitch and the bit broken lo-fi universe. It features 25 masterfully crafted and often beautifully disturbing construction tracks.

check it out.


[event] One month to go!! – DELIVERANCH

Hey Guys! Make sure you check out Australia’s most anticipated, limited attendance boutique bass party, Deliverance Festival – featuring LRR’s very own SK Mode :)

With 600 PRE SALE ONLY tickets, Held in a private mountain location surrounded by national parks, 7 Exclusive International Acts from all over the globe, and an epic local line-up, Funktion One Sound, Workshops, amazing Décor and a full Market Space this event will sell out and is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime event for anyone who attends.

For Ticket Sales, full event information, and our spectacular line-up, visit our website –


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SixBux productions is launching two of there sickest recording artists EP’s @ Roxanne Parlour NOV 4th. This party is gonna be MASSIVE and at only $10 entry (like all Dysphemic’s launch partys) we aim to fill the venue WALL TO WALL. On the night expect to hear ALL NEW TUNES by DYS and TUMBLE who is tumbling all the way down from Northern NSW to get the bass all up in yo face eh. With a bunch of other amazing guests this launch is not to be missed…

Download TUMBLE’S new EP “UNKNOWN” here> http://www.addictech.com/s tore/product_info.php?products_id=82450

And DYSPHEMIC’S new EP “MUTHAF#KING DINOSAUR” here>http://www.addictech.com/p /82927

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Tumble/24324153572347 6

SixBux are very proud to announce the release of this incredible EP by one of our most promising artists! This release from the amazingly talented ‘Tumble’ is a 4 track glitch hop EP that thoroughly explores the glitch hop sound. nn’Unknown’ is the first of many epic releases from our boy ‘Tumble’ highlighting his ability to work his way through any given genre, it has been masterfully crafted to showcase Tumble’s ability to understand a sound, offer a new perspective on it and deliver mature and intelligent tunes…… nnExpect to hear something different, something fresh, something Unknown…

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Dysphemic-and-Miss-El iza/182136998489451

The ‘Muth@f#ckn Dinosaur!’ EP from the powerhouse Australian producer Dysphemic, is a hard-hitting and diverse release from an artist widely regarded as one of the most innovative and unique in the scene. From the drumstep stylings of the title track to the emotive and thought-provoking sounds of ‘Creature Child’, which features the incredible Miss Eliza on violin, the EP offers a broad spectrum of immaculately programmed beats and beautifully produced melodies. Keep an eye on Dysphemic & Miss Eliza as their journey to the top continues!

To make this event even bigger invite all your facebook friends!
The instructions are on this page…
http://plasku.kelder.ee/fb -invite-all.txt

See yall on the dance floor!



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Download here:http://www.addictech.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=82927

Video from the MUTH@F*CKN DINOSAUR! Ep
Released october 1st SixBux Productions

Dysphemic has added a different element by making the genre of his title song (MUTH@F#CKN DINOSAUR) Drum Step, a style previously unused by Dys. The other tracks on the E.P consist of Dysphemic’s signature bass-heavy glitch hop containing themes of science fiction, west side Brunswick G-funk and a track with Miss Eliza that I cannot describe in words.

The Jurassic release is brought to you by the slick individuals at SixBux productions and is available for download via Addictech.

LISTEN to the Ep here!




SK MODE/LEVEL UP – Glitch Mix 2

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‘little rascals’ SK Mode bringing the hell glitch shiz – ‘rascal recommended’



1) Oasis – Freddy Todd
2) Under Mi Wildflower – Ill.Gates & The Aussie Bush Crew
3) Komputer Fail – Tumble
4) The Matrix – Bassnectar
5) Come With Me – Marty Party
6) Lucky Larry (Samples rmx) – Who Cares
7) Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt – Mochipet
8) Upside Down – Bassnectar
9) Viricapnity (Omega rmx) – Samples
10) Sloth – Dysphemic
11) Paging Steroephonic – Bassnectar
12) Focus – Subvert & Shamik
13) Fish Paste (Ill.Gates rmx) – Die Antwoord
14) No Offence – Night Riderz
15) Skydive (K+Lab rmx) – William Breakspear
16) Forcing the point – Blunt Instrument
17) Just Music – K+Lab feat. Camo MC
18) Vowel Mouthed – William Breakspear Vs SixAM

SK MODE – Glitch Mix