[NEW RELEASE] LRRD16_Grow_Food_Not_Lawns_Dub

LRRD16_Grow_Food_Not_Lawns_Dub. >> Check out this link for more FREE info, music and resources!

Inspired by Permaculture, Urban Farming, Gardening and the Fertile Revolution. This dub-techno-steppa release is designed to promote the evolving and ecologically important Grow Food Not Lawns movement. Heavy steppas may not be everyones ideal gardening music, whilst to some they are the perfect stomping, pyschedelic, digging soundtrack – the intention is there. Like an ever producing garden bed, the dub music emerges, builds, undulates and grows to deliver to you edible sonic and musical resources.

(BBE 882i to Cassette, Versions)



[NEW RELEASE] Time Plays With Me – Mauri

Privileged to have the latest release on Little Rascal Records:


Mauri presents a moody mix of menacing electronics, occasional crunch, some glitch and a full serve of heavy beats, peppered with up-front vocal explorations with collaborator Puntos S. and guest Chacon.
Abstract, dark and brooding electronic music, not for the faint hearted…

Recorded and mastered at Xpeism Studio by Mauri (Gijón- Spain)

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Release Date: 07/JAN/2014

catalog#: LRR_D150114LP

[c] copyright, Little Rascal Records, 2014

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Commit to community radio

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commit to community radio

The future of free-to-air broadcasting is digital – but for community radio stations, that future is now at risk.

Unless the Federal Government commits to giving digital community radio a future in the upcoming budget, vital digital community radio stations will be switched off.

Community radio is the voice of communities right across the country – it’s too important to be lost.

Support campaign here. commit to community radio

‘rascal recommends’ at junodownload

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This weeks selections from junodownload – ‘rascal recommended’

– some great dubs here:

,,, and some modern day dancehall/dub,,,awesome ! :

…and how bout this catchy lil’ numba :

Broadwalk Records, the new label from Bristol house producer Julio Bashmore launches in fine style with the eminently classy Au Seve. Young Bashmore has an obvious talent for productions dripping in hooky qualities (see his still slay em jam “Battle For Middle You” as well as production credits for “Youth Soul” icon Jessie Ware) and “Au Seve” totally belongs in this canon, slipping carnival ready melodic touches and simple vocal loops over a dusted house mainframe dominated by rasping kicks and a killer rising bass line


…. all coming ‘rascal recommended’

Llyphon – “Cocosanko” EP – get it FREE read set description! by DubKraft Records on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free

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Llyphon – “Cocosanko” EP – get it FREE read set description! by DubKraft Records on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free.

‘good zoning EP – unique ideas here, mellow sounds and vibes – good promo idea’ – rascal recommended…

  Llyphon – “Cocosanko” EP – get it FREE read set description! by DubKraft Records

[affiliate label] Headhunter EP by TZR on WattHz Recordings

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Local affiliate bass-wise label WattHz dropping more dopeness – ‘rascal recommended’


Barrel of Monkeys!

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‘Good creative promotion gets good publicity’ – rascal recommended.

Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120966944668197

Promo Vid! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCSFx99XdNY

Interstate Monkeys:

Blunt Instrument- Live
Sun in Aquarius – Live
Electrocado- Live
Damn Moroda- Live
Mr Bill – Live

Local Monkeys:

Sun Control Species- Live
Hypnagog- Live
Rhythmik- Live
Men Imitating Machines- Live
Dj Wasabi- Live
Cat Party- Live

– Nexo Sound, Poplockin Monkeys, Wicked Visuals by Rich On Film and Monkey Decor by Culture Jam.
– $5 Shots before Midnight + Banana infused cocktails + shots!

– $20 online tics @ www.culturejam.com.au
– $20 plus BF @ Ministry of Style/Pixie Collective
– More on the door.

Time – Friday, September 23 at 9:00pm – September 24 at 5:00am
Location – Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne

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RELEASE: Winter Rose Haiku by Anonymi – LRRD08

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RELEASE: Winter Rose Haiku by Anonymi on LRRecords – LRRD08