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Freedom In Dub

VP Jamaica

054645 705660

11 August, 2017



Freedom In Dub on Spotify





Prayer I / II

Black Acre


4 August, 2017



Prayer I / II on Spotify




VindataSkrillex & NSTASIA



8 August, 2017

Trap/Future Bass


Favor on Spotify



Enjoy :)



PulsOPtic by MAURI on Detroit Underground

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logodef (1)

PulsOPtic album is out from 20th of august.

PulsOPtic is an album made for audiovisual project made by Mauri and Vasarart.

PulsOPtic is released by CLONE on digital download, and also is released by DETROIT UNDERGROUND with special limited edition on cassette.

In music the Pulse is the temporary basic unit of a musical work. Optic is the branch of physics which involves the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. OP ART also known as Optical Art, is a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusionses. PulsOPtic is the mix of all this, where sound art and visual art come together in a project created and produced by Mauri and visual artist  called Vasarart, executed in real time, which can be viewed music through their extreme frequencies in the dynamics and sound, mixed with images of “Op Art” and “kinetic art” result with a hypnotic rhythm while. A visual spectacular and sound show.

The resulting images are a mixture of waves oscilloscope with works Optical and kinetic art that interact with the viewer causing sensation of movement through virtual effects optical illusion, a situation that triggers a dynamic response of the eye or retinal vibration and a certain psychological reaction derived from its striking appearance.

You can listen PulsOptic here:


You can see the teaser of PulsOPtic here:



‘little rascal’ loves RTR FM92.1 – a community powered independent radio station covering the full spectrum of all music – can’t get better than that…. If you also appreciate good music, independent media and community radio – then support RTR FM this RADIOTHON,  and subscribe/donate, share and attend.

Radiothon Party 2015

Saturday 15th August 2015

Time: 8pm-Late

Venue: The Bird, Connections Nightclub, Jimmy’s Den, Lounge (State Theatre Centre of WA) & Studio Underground Foyer

Get Tickets

RTRFM’s annual Radiothon Party returns on Saturday, 15 August from 8pm ‘til late, with a huge showcase of 23 local acts across five Northbridge venues!

Sprawling across The Bird, Connections Nightclub, Jimmy’s Den, and the Lounge and Studio Underground foyer at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, RTRFM’s Radiothon Party celebrates Western Australian talent, with a variety of acts and DJs covering all genres and styles.

Live and breathe rock ‘n’ roll? Head to Jimmy’s Den for a stellar line-up of hard rock heavyweights, including The Love Junkies, Pat Chow, Puck, Scalphunter and Surf Rabbits.

For explorations in psych, garage and jangle-rock, The Bird is the word, with live music from Mugwump, Rat Columns, The Spunloves, Verge Collection and DJ Tanya Bunter (Drivetime).

Bask in the golden glow of the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia’s expansive Studio Underground foyer for a special Radiothon edition of local talk show Magnolia’s Late Night Live, hosted Tristan Fidler and Matt Aitken.

Magnolia’s will be followed by live sets from alt-folk singer-songwriter Heathcote Blue, with The Leap Year, Red Jezebel and The Kill Devil Hills bringing the noise until well past midnight. RTRFM’s Homegrown DJs will close out the night, spinning nothin’ but the freshest domestic produce ‘til late.

Punters seeking carefree dance party vibes should make a beeline for Connections Nightclub, where they’ll enjoy the feel-good dance floor selections of Andrew Sinclair versus Rok Riley, Splash Bros., bedazzled beatmaker Catlips and The Monarchy DJs.

Or pop into the Lounge on William Street to chill and/or boogie to the sounds of Woodstock Rock DJs, Golden Apples DJs and {MOVE} DJs on the decks ‘til 2am.

Radiothon Party kicks off the first weekend of Radiothon, RTRFM’s annual 10-day fundraising drive that encourages listeners to dig deep and support the station they love by subscribing or donating.

Tickets available via rtrfm.com.au, Ticketbooth and Eventopia.

WHAT: Radiothon Party 2015
WHEN: Saturday, 15 August, 8pm-late
WHERE: The Bird, Connections Nightclub, Jimmy’s Den, Lounge (State Theatre Centre of WA) and Studio Underground Foyer
TICKETS: Presales $20 general public, $15 RTRFM subscribers* via rtrfm.com.au, Ticketbooth and Eventopia. Door sales (limited): $25 general public, $20 RTRFM subscribers* from 8pm on the night. *Gold/Platinum subscribers receive free entry upon presentation of their subscriber card.
Licensed (18+) event, valid photo ID required. 

In The Wake Of The Dark Earth

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drowning in drone…

D A R F D H S - In The Wake Of The Dark Earth (Front Cover)
30 March, 2015
Field has excelled at representing the more reflective side of electronic music, and Earth is a fitting celebration of the Dutch label’s modus operandi. The work of Swedish duo Michel Isorinne and Jonas Ronnberg, this is a swirling, immersive album. By turns eerie and mysterious – check the 12-minute long “White Sea – Black Sea” – contemplative and majestic (“. Drowned In Lake Ladoga” and “Down The River Volchov”), the album is the very antithesis of elevator ambience. Clearly, this duo’s interpretation of the term is radically different, as the reflective tones of “Offerings to Njord” and the progression from glitchy abstraction into glorious keys on “Slave Merchants In Aldeigjubdorg” so effortlessly demonstrate.


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If your in Perth and you love and support experimental electronic music, then consider getting to this upcoming event: ‘rascal recommended’



TIME: 18:00

VENUE: The Bird

Get Tickets

We’re celebrating 20 years of Ambient Zone on RTRFM with AZ20!

Since 1994, we’ve chilled out to the sounds of AZ on the airwaves every Sunday night. WithAZ20, you’ll be able to catch some of Perth’s best in local ambient, experimental and electronic music.

+ Furchick
+ Sacred Flower Union
+ Craig McElhinney
+ Ambient Zone DJs
+ Strasarbs (DJ Set)

Plus trippy visual projections and snacks from Lil Tortilla Boi.

Get deep in the zone with AZ20!

Billy M’s Friends

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Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

And Did They Listen?

A look back at Earth…from the future. Hidden in plain sight, for decades, the most important story in human history. On a mission – from the depths of space – one man risked his life to reveal the long hidden, ancient secrets to the people of Earth. Overcoming millennia of religious intrigues, political suppression and numerous assassination attempts, Billy Eduard Albert Meier, the prophet of the new time, brought the eternally true spiritual teaching with its promise of true love, peace, freedom and harmony. The long foretold prophecies and predictions of wars, environmental disasters and social upheaval had already begun and humankind was offered one final chance to rewrite its future history. The only scientifically proven UFO contact case. Still ongoing for over 72 years. This is what the UFO cover-up is really about. You don’t need to believe. You need to know.


>>>>>>>>>> Check out this track from SPIRAL SOUNSYSTEM from the EP, ‘Into The Void’ >>>>>>>>>>


Billy M’s Friends (3:41) [ambient, experimental, remix]

Track 3. – Uses recording of apparent UFO. Recorded by Billy Meier, http://www.theyfly.com. Also samples from the track Hello Children/Uranium Nations from the Scrambles Of Earth album, a remix of the Voyager Interstellar Record by extraterrestrials, http://earthscramble.com/

The 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival

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‘some great music events/festivals going on in Perth this winter’

The 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival.

An exciting landscape of new music and sound art practice from around the world, Australia and WA. Ten days of concerts, installations, radio projects, workshops and conference



Tura New Music’s flagship project The 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival presents an exciting landscape of new music and sound art practice from around the world, Australia and WA. This kaleidoscope of expression via the medium of sound will take audiences on a unique and captivating journey – one that is expansive, ear opening and enriching. This year’s Festival, run in parallel with the 2013 International Computer Music Conference, focuses on new technologies and new ways to explore old technologies. With its hub in the Perth Cultural Centre and its second weekend celebrating Fremantle’s connection with the ocean, Totally Huge brings a uniquely Western Australian flavour to an international gathering. We wholeheartedly thank all our partners and congratulate all the artists for their commitment and energy. On their behalf we invite you to seize this rare opportunity and dive into a captivating ocean of sound.


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This week picks at junodownload – ‘rascal recommended’

Everyday Life by Alpha & Omega

CRAZY (remixes)

Lux by Brian Eno – WARP

LRRecords Studio – COMING SOON!!

Pictures of the new studio coming soon!! Will post links to them a.s.a.p.
Fresh tunes from ‘little rascal’ Spiral Soundsystem, Jerry Mane, DJ BlitZ, Dub Rascals Volume 3 and more coming soon!!

‘little rascal’ – Brett Caporn

Injured Ninja and Co.

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We loved the Injured Ninja and Co. gig at Mojos in North Fremantle last friday!! Wow some really cool bands that the ‘little rascal’ is really diggin’ lately- So we gonna post some of our favourite tracks from these local peeps: check it:

Fallopian Tube Screamer by Injured Ninja

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