[NEW RELEASE] Synctonix – Horsing Around [LRRD26] 

More new Perth electronic music coming from producer SYNCTONIX. With a stallions size swath of 4bangn beats,  synths, squelching big ass baseness and one of the sickest cover artwork we’ve seen! Being his debut EP, this is a well done start ‘out the gates’  from this young and talented emerging producer, even if he is just>

Horsing Around

LABEL: Little Rascal Records
ARTIST: Synctonix
TITLE: Horsing Around
GENRE: House
RELEASE DATE: 2016-08-29

Synctonix – On The Spot (Original Mix)
Synctonix – Get This (Original Mix)
Synctonix – Catch 22 (Original Mix)
Synctonix – Horsing Around (Original Mix)


from Little Rascal Records (direct)






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Various Artists – Breakstorm

Been a while between posts, time to share some more good music coming by our way!! (keep bringn it’}

….keepn it real with some wikid breakcore here folks :-

‘rascal recommended’

Breakstorm is a free online breakcore compilation filled with 5 brain-bending breakcore tracks! Download/play this release now!

  1. M1dlet – Murdah Ah Man
  2. Breakforce One – Calling A Song Untitled Because You Can’t Come Up With Anything
  3. Nebulist – Nightbreed
  4. Rott In Pieces – Art & Science
  5. z999 – Own Style (Roy Witlox Remix)

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Aeriae’s Nurse 2 Alyssa Type EP available for free download

For one week only in the leadup to the long-awaited release of Aeriae‘s epic Victris album, Clan Analogue are making available Aeriae‘s acclaimed 2013 EP release Nurse 2 Alyssa Type for free download.

To download Nurse 2 Alyssa Type by Aeriae go to Clan Analogue‘s Bandcamp page.
“stripped-back yet metallic-edged techno; eerie noodling synths dart against dark bursts of noise and robotic bass murmurs” Cyclic Defrost
A taster from Aeriae‘s forthcoming Victris album was heard in 2013 with the release of the Nurse 2 Alyssa Type EP. Victris expands on those possibilities with further cascading modulations of systematised intensity.

Aeriae is Sydney-based electronic composer and producer Wade Clarke...

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Checkout preview tracks selected from upcoming release, BOMBATRONIC by Tom Bomba on Little Rascal Records. >>>

Little Rascal Records is proud to announce the re-release of Bombatronic LP by Fremantle based artist Tom Bomba. Originally self released, sixteen track album Bombatronic presents an eclectic mix of tunes covering a wide variety of sounds and influences in genres; rock, folk, roots, reggae and electronic. Personal and conscious songs that have infectious grooves and vibes that uplift the listener or send you off to sonic wonderlands. The music is rich in emotion and layered in original analog and digital instrumentation and programming plus a subtle dose of sampling, crafted by song master, producer, audio activist and collaborator, Tom Bomba.

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New BASS genre page at Juno !

Check’n some of the first editions to the new Bass page at junodownload….here are some fine selections:

shit yeah, hell yeah

Following huge releases from Digi G’Alessio and Stabber in recent months, Crookers’ Lucky Beard imprint comes through with another EP of weird and wonderful yet heavy bass hybrids. “Skills” takes a house structure and flips it round with its skeletal beats and vocal samples and thundering low-end, while “Crafting” takes 808 percussion and wraps it up in some moody bass rumble. “Thief”, “Mage” and “Warrior” meanwhile opt for some dubstep-style half-time action, which despite their hip-hop shapes are undeniably heavy beasts.

…and this is a great album::

Already a respected figure in the underground of his home turf in Japan, XLII deliv...

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(9) December Hussle

(9) December Hussle.

december hussle

It’s the silly season and the last Hussle Hussle show for 2011 is set to be a scorcher !

Well known and loved for their colourful mardi gras street parades,
the boisterous ‘funk on junk’ percussion group Junkadelic will be bringing their rowdy antics to Mojo’s for a mindblowing stage show of epic proportions .. This all star cast features the Junkadelic percussion group with additional amplifed bass, guitar and vocals and a full brass section. Directed by master of the dark arts Pippin Kenworthy, on guitar, Dylan Hooper on sax and Hoodwink on lead vocals, this super group play authentic, altered-state inducing funk that brings the house down every time..

Bringing the noise! Sassy lasses of hip hop, R.I...

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PDMA: Top 3 announced « Perth Dance Music Awards

PDMA: Top 3 announced « Perth Dance Music Awards.

The votes are in, the count is tallied, and we can now reveal the top 3 in each category of the 2011 Perth Dance Music Awards. A huge congratulation to all of our finalists!

To find out who will be the crowned winner in each category you’re going to have to head to the awards ceremony on Sunday the 11th of December. The fun starts from 3pm at the Court Hotel where the movers and shakers of the Perth dance music scene will be chilling out and catching up. Entry is of course free!

Hosting duties will be undertaken once again by Dart and Blend and a stellar lineup of local acts will keep things exciting in between announcements. The DJs who will keep us entertained with their beats and basslines are Devo, Mono Lisa, Declan, Ru-Kasu, Rich...

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Gear Shift

Gear Shift this Monday at Horse Bazaar, Monday 5th of September, 7.30pm

‘Gear Shift’ is a monthly jam session organised by the electronic music collective Clan Analogue.  
Anyone is welcome to join in. Just bring a synth, laptop, drum machine or any kind of electronic music-making gadget. This a great opportunity to play electronic music with other people, learn some new techniques and try out some different gear.

At the August jam session lots of exciting equipment was on hand, including:

•                Korg M3 with Radias expansion card

•                Laptop with Ableton Live


•                Roland MC-202

Arp 2600


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