Happy New Year…!

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Happy New Year friends, fans, affiliates and families of LRRecords and to those to discover LRRecords in 2012….! If ya staying home for News Year Eve and your in need of some well wikid DJ mixes for ya stezzas. Download, stream and share LRRecords @ sonicsquirrel.net:


Direct Links:

cheers and dub bless :)

‘little rascal’

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LRRecords joins pearltrees !!

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lrrecords and delicious / Pearltrees videos / Getting started / downloads in Brett (lrrecords)

To cultivate your interests.

Pearltrees is a place to organize discover and share everything you like on the web.

You can keep at hand the web pages you like and enrich your account with Pearltrees from other members of the community.

Bass Culture Players “Dub Box” – Roots Reggae Dub

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We bring to you the latest Bass Culture Players musical dish called “Dub Box”.

Bass Culture Players is a musical project influenced by roots reggae and dub productions from the 70´s until now.


Puppashan is a Jamaican rhythms lover and precursor in Spanish reggae music. He has worked in different projects related to this
music, such as Brentford Road fanzineBass Culture Reggae Radio Show or the soulful reggae band Hotdrop. He has developed his
career as an autodidact producer and shows his work in this new project: Bass Culture Players.

This showcase is a compilation of five singles (and its five dub mixes) recorded between 2008 and 2011. Puppashan has worked with some of the best Spanish reggae musicians, from bands like Tasty Grooves, Hotdrop, Amalgamah, Rockers roots “Dub Box” has two special collaborations: producer Dani Ites plays melodica in “Rally Round”, and Ranking Forrest, the genuine deejay from California, works in the vocals of “Gwaan Good”.

Discoinferno is the studio where this production takes place, using analogical techniques and equipment, which have generated a whole range of sounds and shades, evocating different ages and places. The mastering has been carried out in Rollover Studios (London) by producer Oscar Pablos a.k.a. Ojah, who boosts the vintage textures that wrap up “Dub Box”.

This 10-track compilation rescues the essence of Jamaican productions, and brings it to this modern age where physical releases have lost much of its importance. “Dub Box” musical and graphic work has been developed from the respect and admiration to Jamaican music.

Faithful to DIY conscience, this production is under Creative Commons license, available for free download here:
http:// basscultureplayers.bandcamp.com

Bass Culture Players will be back soon with more of its personal productions, inspired in jamaican music.


1.- Destiny
2.- Dub Destiny
3.- Gwaan Good ft. Ranking Forrest
4.- Gwaan Dub
5.- Rally Round ft. Dani Ites
6.- Rally Round Cut 4
7.- Again & Again
8.- Dub Again
9.- Reggae Music
10.- Dub Music

All tracks composed by santi mijarra. recorded between 2008-2011 @ bus stop records, el gato verde, observatorio, and discoinferno.
Produced, mixed & arranged by puppashan and bass culture players @ disco inferno.
Mastered by oscar pablos ‘ojah’ @ rollover studios, london
Cover photo, art & concept: puppashan
Lafamille music / discoinferno ltd., 2011


You are free to copy & distribute this work. Licensed under creative commons 3.0.

Bass Culture Players ft. Ranking Forrest “Gwaan Good / Dub Good”

Bass Culture Players ft. Dani Ites “Rally Round / Cut 4″

Bass Culture Players “Destiny / Dub Destiny”

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Cosmic Glitch Bitpop » Producer Pack Ltd

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Cosmic Glitch Bitpop » Producer Pack Ltd.


Cosmic Glitch Bitpop is a beautifully unclassifiable sample library that explorers the far corners of the glitch and the bit broken lo-fi universe. It features 25 masterfully crafted and often beautifully disturbing construction tracks.

check it out.


World UFO Disclosure Champaign

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The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
Image via Wikipedia

World UFO Disclosure Champaign.




World UFO Disclosure will provide unprecedented benefits and opportunities to all on Earth and humanity, also for the environment, world peace, world poverty and the human future. A disclosure can be one of the greatest galvanizing and transcendent moments in human history.

– The reality of  “we are not alone in the universe” and the comprehension of the fact that we are all “earthlings” and world-citizens.

– Realization of the insignificance of religious, racial, secterian and nationality differences.

– Comprehension of the absurdity of all wars and violance and its positive effect on putting an end to them.

– Its considerable contribution to achieving world peace and unity.

– Its contribution to the consolidation of globe-wide resources, knowledge and technology and utilizing them in favor of  the collective interest of humanity.

– Acceleration of efforts on developing technologies for alternative and clean energy sources.

– Resolving the problems brought about by global warming and taking steps to eliminate it.

– Protection of nature and sustaining ecological balance.

– Introducing new and rapid solutions to famine and poverty.

– Active international cooperation and efforts in wiping out epidemic and deadly diseases.

–  Contributing to achieving global economic and social balance.

– Fast-paced development of agriculture, technology, industry, and science through international sharing of knowledge and technology to achieve a positive outcome.

– Growing productivity and diversity of culture and art on common grounds.

– Realization of “The Reality of Unified Humanity” and more rapid evolution of mankind.

– Elimination of the control of the “Cabal” and dominance-oriented global interest groups.

– Comprehension of the laws and the true motives behind the existence of all entities and putting them into practice.

– Providing monumental contribution to the technological and spiritual development of mankind through intergalactic communication.


There will be fundamental implications, these implications are really so profound and far-reaching, that no aspect of life on earth will remain unaffected. From theology to technology, from geopolitics to economics, from the environment to the future exploration of space, nearly every field of human endeavor will eventually be touched by such an important disclosure.

The most pronounced immediate effect of such a disclosure will be that of altering the fundamental paradigm of how we view ourselves, the world of humanity and the universe. The differences and conflicts between various racial, religious, ethnic and national identities will be seen in a new perspective as we begin to contemplate the reality of earth evolving into an inter-planetary civilization. There will be an immediate realization that we are really all one people on the homeland of earth as earthlings, among many worlds inhabited by other intelligent life forms and the early stages of universal “citizenship” will dawn.

In an academic sense, no field of study will be untouched by such a disclosure: history, anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, exo-biology, theology, the arts, sciences and technology, business and economics — all will be immediately galvanized by and preoccupied with such a disclosure.

The elaboration of the mechanisms of advanced energy, propulsion, communications and other extraterrestrial technologies will have an extraordinary impact on current earth technologies, including energy generation, transportation, communications, education, manufacturing, medicine and more.

The disclosure of these new technologies will give us a new, sustainable civilization. World poverty will be eliminated within our life times. These technologies, because they will decentralize power — literally and figuratively — will enable the billions living in misery and poverty to enter a world of new abundance.

Space exploration will be a viable possibility, since these energy and propulsion systems permit transport through space effectively at multiples of the speed of light.

The evolution of a sustainable global civilization, and the further development of the capacity to become an inter-planetary civilization, is dependent on an honest disclosure regarding the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and our development into a peaceful world civilization. Only then can we enter an era of sustainable technology, a sustainable economy, and a lasting culture.

If we do nothing, our civilization will collapse environmentally, economically, geo-politically and socially.

We believe, ‘World UFO Disclosure’ will be the starting point of a new era unprecedented in world history, unify the mankind with a new spirit of peace and brotherhood and launch a new process that will lead humanity to an era of intergalactic communication and wisdom.


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Perth Dance Music Awards Party this Sunday « Perth Dance Music Awards

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Perth Dance Music Awards Party this Sunday « Perth Dance Music Awards.


Summer has finally arrived, and what better way to kick-off the coming sun filled months than with a celebration! Come down for a beer and a boogie as we recognise the best and brightest of 2011 at the Perth Dance Music Awards this Sunday the 11th December.

The excitement begins from 3pm in the cool, lush beer garden at The Court Hotel with Dart and Blend undertaking hosting duties and local talentDevo, Mono Lisa, Declan, Ru-Kasu, Richard Lee, Nyquist Freqs and Rousa showcasing their skills and spinning tunes until MIDNIGHT!

As if all this wasn’t elating enough, entry is free and there will also be some fantastic prizes given away. These include Breakfest tickets and passes to Elite Force on NYE at Ambar as well as 3 double passes to Summadayze thanks to our friends and Boomtick and Mellen Events

With all the suspense and excitement we couldn’t help letting a few of the winning announcements slip out. So to keep you satisfied until Sundays big reveals please give a huge congrats to Nero, winner of the Best International Performance sponsored by inthemix, and Teknoscape, winner of the Best Dance Music Website sponsored by Chilli Tech.

To find out who has taken out top honours in the remaining categories you’re going to have to head the awards ceremony. Make sure you’re there as we celebrate another massive year of dance music in Perth and recognise the locals who have really made a difference with our thriving scene. See you on Sunday!


Bargains for producers at Junodownload

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heya producers >>> check out the bargains at junodownload:

Dubbhism Calling all analog dub producers!

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dub.com dub music worldwide 1997-2011 » Dubbhism Calling all analog dub producers!.


The crew over at Dubbhism are reaching out to all Dub Producers who are using Analog  equipment to make a compilation album featuring dub tracks made using the same.


Are you producing dub tracks using Great British Springs, original analog reverb tanks by Accutronics, Belton, vintage tape echo machines by Roland, Korg, analog BBD-based echo/flanger fx etc.? Please let us know about it. Contact us via dubbhism(?)xs4all.nl or via Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud or whatever.

(9) December Hussle

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(9) December Hussle.


december hussle


It’s the silly season and the last Hussle Hussle show for 2011 is set to be a scorcher !

Well known and loved for their colourful mardi gras street parades,
the boisterous ‘funk on junk’ percussion group Junkadelic will be bringing their rowdy antics to Mojo’s for a mindblowing stage show of epic proportions .. This all star cast features the Junkadelic percussion group with additional amplifed bass, guitar and vocals and a full brass section. Directed by master of the dark arts Pippin Kenworthy, on guitar, Dylan Hooper on sax and Hoodwink on lead vocals, this super group play authentic, altered-state inducing funk that brings the house down every time..

Bringing the noise! Sassy lasses of hip hop, R.I. and Soda, are ready to unleash merry havoc on your booties! In dynamic collaboration , these two artists are irresistibly charming and exciting to behold.. Witty and thoughtful, between them they know a lot of words and will regale you with raps and hooks about life, the universe and everything ..

Starchild Mei Saraswati will be coming to Earth for a special Hussle show to uplift and inspire with her delightful cosmic presence.
Showcasing her strong ability as a producer and a singer, Mei’s unique sound, including elements of trip hop, jazz and soul,
is both quirkily futuristic and refreshingly organic. Featuring richly woven vocal tapestries and accompanied by beats played from her MPC , this one woman show completely enthralls.

Dub specialist Dj Zayhon will be showing off her extensive and diverse collection of dub music.. Playing a wide selection from timeless rootsy , bass heavy, hypnotic dub to dubtronica ,
this lady will speed up your heart rate and warp your mind !

And locking off the night will be producer/dj/party diva Elissim.
Back from Melbourne for a whirlwind visit, the multi talented Elissim, (aka as the ever popular Dj Missile), will be dropping in to play a freshly produced set of party steppa, ragga dance, eery electro, wobble hoppy dubstep. This lady is fyah !!

Hope to see you there !
Hussle Hussle
Friday 9th December 2011
8pm – 1am, $10 Entry
Mojo’s Bar, North Fremantle

PDMA: Top 3 announced « Perth Dance Music Awards

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PDMA: Top 3 announced « Perth Dance Music Awards.

The votes are in, the count is tallied, and we can now reveal the top 3 in each category of the 2011 Perth Dance Music Awards. A huge congratulation to all of our finalists!

To find out who will be the crowned winner in each category you’re going to have to head to the awards ceremony on Sunday the 11th of December. The fun starts from 3pm at the Court Hotel where the movers and shakers of the Perth dance music scene will be chilling out and catching up. Entry is of course free!

Hosting duties will be undertaken once again by Dart and Blend and a stellar lineup of local acts will keep things exciting in between announcements. The DJs who will keep us entertained with their beats and basslines are Devo, Mono Lisa, Declan, Ru-Kasu, Richard Lee, Nyquist Freqs and Rousa.

Along with providing you with some top notch entertainment, there will also be fantastic prizes given away at the awards ceremony. These include Breakfest tickets, Summadayze tickets and passes to see Elite Force at Ambar on NYE.

So make sure you are there as we announce the results and recognise this years highest achievers. It promises to be an afternoon of good tunes, good crew and summer fun spent with 2011’s best and brightest. And the top 3 in each category (in no particular order) are…