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Freedom In Dub

VP Jamaica

054645 705660

11 August, 2017



Freedom In Dub on Spotify





Prayer I / II

Black Acre


4 August, 2017



Prayer I / II on Spotify




VindataSkrillex & NSTASIA



8 August, 2017

Trap/Future Bass


Favor on Spotify



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[loopmasters] GRID MACHINE//SLICE | Drum N’ Bass Edition

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‘rascal recommended’ for producers >>>:

GRID MACHINE//SLICE | Drum N\’ Bass Edition

Loopmasters and Channel Robot are very proud to present a fantastic new concept for Kontakt Sampler users which combines Channel Robots unique design elements in the Kontakt environment with the cutting edge samples from Loopmasters sound archives.

Cut, Chop, Stutter, Reverse, Mix, Modulate and of course slice with Grid Machine//Slice DnB. A unique powerful new type of loop altering tool to Bend, Twist and re-create your loops all in real time.

Featuring over 200 of the highest quality Loopmasters Drum and Bass loops every one of which can be re-programmed into hundreds of totally different sounds. Over 200 presets to get you started. A virtual instrument for Kontakt 4.2 and above, Grid Machine//Slice places unique creative and playable features right at your fingertips, and on your keyboard (using its extensive key-switch system). Libraries of loops will never be the same again.

Grid Machine//Slice features EQ, Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Pan, Tremolo, and Vibrato effects, all connected to an independent set of highly controllable modulators. Over 20 different ways to slice(re-order) each loop, plus you can play these patterns forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards, half-speed, double speed, and skip slices.

Mute, Reverse or Repeat(stutter) individual slices of your choice. There are literally thousands of different ways to play each of the include 200+ loops. Oh did we mention you can cross-mix between loops giving you even more possibilities.

Retrigger a loop any time you like from any slice, play sub-loops, latch on a single slice, time changes and loop re-triggers to bar and beat all from your keyboard or the user friendly GUI inside Kontakt. Tempo sync’ed to your song in your DAW or play as a stand-alone instrument!


[new release] Elissim’s “Natty Fire EP”

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Elissim’s “Natty Fire EP”.




Elissim’s love fueled positive energy brings us another of her exceptional collaborative releases filled with good times and party vibes. Elissim truly writes from the heart, blessed to share time with some of the best artists from around the globe in her production world. The songs on this release feature all original songs written and produced by Elissim and her musical partners.

The first track off this release is NATTY DREAD. Elissim collaborates with Jamaican born Menny More (Easy Star All Stars) to create a song that expresses their solidarity and determination for a good and blessed life for all… The way of Babylon – its not how natty dreads roll… Jah guide and protect us today.
Track 2 EYE C is a song born from pure expression of rhythm and change, like a wave it draws up as another is sucked away… featuring Elissim’s own highly fx’d vox, the message “Every day that I see, the rhythm flows through me” filters through… so sweet.
The third track WROTE D RIDDIM is just a straight up fun party banger… the vocal on this track stems from a recording session Elissim had with Jamaican Superstar Jah Mason…  Playing him one of her tunes, Jah Mason, gave her the inspiration for this track… you know?!? Elissim made d riddim….




We really hope you like the tunes… We have been working hard and are very excited to see DS001 go online all around the world…

Available now through Additech, Itunes (AUS, CAN, UK/EU, USA, JAPAN & MEXICO), Amazon, Raphosidy,Napsteremusic (US / UK) and more on dreadstep.





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SixBux productions is launching two of there sickest recording artists EP’s @ Roxanne Parlour NOV 4th. This party is gonna be MASSIVE and at only $10 entry (like all Dysphemic’s launch partys) we aim to fill the venue WALL TO WALL. On the night expect to hear ALL NEW TUNES by DYS and TUMBLE who is tumbling all the way down from Northern NSW to get the bass all up in yo face eh. With a bunch of other amazing guests this launch is not to be missed…

Download TUMBLE’S new EP “UNKNOWN” here> http://www.addictech.com/s tore/product_info.php?products_id=82450

And DYSPHEMIC’S new EP “MUTHAF#KING DINOSAUR” here>http://www.addictech.com/p /82927

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Tumble/24324153572347 6

SixBux are very proud to announce the release of this incredible EP by one of our most promising artists! This release from the amazingly talented ‘Tumble’ is a 4 track glitch hop EP that thoroughly explores the glitch hop sound. nn’Unknown’ is the first of many epic releases from our boy ‘Tumble’ highlighting his ability to work his way through any given genre, it has been masterfully crafted to showcase Tumble’s ability to understand a sound, offer a new perspective on it and deliver mature and intelligent tunes…… nnExpect to hear something different, something fresh, something Unknown…

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Dysphemic-and-Miss-El iza/182136998489451

The ‘Muth@f#ckn Dinosaur!’ EP from the powerhouse Australian producer Dysphemic, is a hard-hitting and diverse release from an artist widely regarded as one of the most innovative and unique in the scene. From the drumstep stylings of the title track to the emotive and thought-provoking sounds of ‘Creature Child’, which features the incredible Miss Eliza on violin, the EP offers a broad spectrum of immaculately programmed beats and beautifully produced melodies. Keep an eye on Dysphemic & Miss Eliza as their journey to the top continues!

To make this event even bigger invite all your facebook friends!
The instructions are on this page…
http://plasku.kelder.ee/fb -invite-all.txt

See yall on the dance floor!


[PLP] Free Dub loops, Synth Loops, Free Omnisphere Patches, and New iPad App

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More wikid bizness from Peace Love Productions - 'rascal recommended'
Hello music producers!

We are just bursting to tell you about all the new updates on the PLP website.

First off we have TWO free loop packs added to the site AND a special free set of
patches for the Omnisphere VSTi Synth. Free loops = Diginoiz Synth Style and Drastic
Dub by Charles Hart. Both are full featured loop releases with a small selection of
free loops on each. Free Omnisphere patches by midiHEAD Promo up next. Visit our
cool music production blog http://peaceloveproductions.com/blog/ for all the info.

NEW Drastic Dub Loops! MULTI FORMAT LOOPS & SAMPLES Put a little more Dub in your
Dubstep and Hip Hop! Drastic Dub by Charles Heart is a collection of some of the
deepest Dub loops known to man. This set is good for Dub, Reggae, and Dubstep.
Fix-a-Flat (Charles Hart aka Urban Dubsmith) has done it once again with this new
release. It’s so dubby! You’ll get 20 construction kits. Sounds include bass,
guitar, hi hats, pads, pianos, kicks, snare, percussion, and more. 220 loops 20 kits
44.1kHz Stereo 24 Bit Files Dwonload Price $26.95

NEW Synth Style Sounds 2 is the second part of the Diginoiz synth collection that
includes warm, melodic and catchy synthesizer loops. All of them were made on an
Acces Virus Ti with attention to details. Loops included in this sample pack are
ready to be used in Your Urban / Pop style productions and compositions. Synth Style
Sounds 2 contains 50 loops multi-format loops (90-95 BPM) in urban / hip hop / pop
genre! Download Price $15

New meta.DJ iPad Dj app features PLP's very own Dj Puzzle. You'll get Puzzle's remix
of Jah Boogie Power, loops, and midi performances. 

meta.DJ is targeted at modern DJ-style performances and lets you blend your iTunes
music tracks with drum machine beats, sound fx, synthesized instrument parts, mix
effects like delays, stutters, filters and more! Each iTunes track can get it’s own
reusable Cue and Loop presets, to let you work the track to the fullest.

More info here http://ipadloops.com/meta-dj-ipad-app-sound-trends/

Don't forget to visit our specials page for even more free LOOPS!

Digi Drum Loops is the first urban drum loop product in the Diginoiz collection for
producers who just want the beats. All of them were extracted from our best selling
construction kits like: R&B Love Songs, Fabulous Bangers, Hood Movement, Real Urban
Talk and others. You will find great sounding drum loops produced by professional
beat makers and producers. Free loop pack and more info here

We're also giving away free loops from the Urban Fame collection by Diginoiz.
Download them individually in our blog http://peaceloveproductions.com/blog/ or grab
them all as a zip on the product page

Soundtrack Loops Latin Percussion Loops & Samples includes seven Latin genres. They
are son montuno, bossa, samba, bolero, afro cuban in 6/8, cha cha cha, and timba.
Each genre includes all of the traditional percussion elements plus some
non-traditional drum kit beats to replace the timbale rhythms. This set includes
Timbale, Congas, Bongos, Pandeiro, Shaker, Clave, Block, Agogo Bells, Cowbells,
Kick, Snare, Toms, Hi Hat, Ride, and Crash. Each genre has individual loops for each
drum instrument including drum set. You can mix your own grooves or simply used the
premixed loops. Recorded professionally on a Protools system using nothing but the
best mics including a $5k Royer Ribbon mic in Blaise Barton's Joyride studio
Chicago. There are 90 one shot samples. Each have been mapped out in Reason's NNXT,
Logic EXS24, and NI Battery. All of this included for one low price. *instruments
other than drums in the demo are not included in this pack.

This is a PLP EP series loop kit. EP = Enhanced Packs. Enhanced Packs are universal
formats so you make one purchase and choose your favorite file format from Apple,
Wav, and Recycle. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo ACIDized WAV, Apple-looped Aiff, Reason
Refill, Battery Kit, EXS24 Patches, NNXT Patches, and Recycle RX2 DOWNLOAD PRICE

MORE INFO http://peaceloveproductions.com/latin-percussion-samples.html

New by Diginoiz - Visit the page for five free loops! Ladies and gentleman, we are
proud to present Urban Fame. A luxury product from Diginoiz. Produced specially for
You. Inside You will find 9 hip hop / rap construction kits, over 110 loops created
using only top of the line hardware. The best in Urban Vibe! 9 construction kits,
113 loops

This is a PLP EP series loop kit. EP = Enhanced Packs. Enhanced Packs are universal
formats so you make one purchase and choose your favorite file format from Apple,
Wav, Refill, and Recycle. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo ACIDized WAV, Apple-looped Aiff,
Reason Refiill, and Recycle RX2 DOWNLOAD PRICE $33

MORE INFO http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/diginoiz-urban-fame-loops.html

Also by Soundtrack loops is Hip Hop RnB. This library of loops and oneshots is
perfect for producing Top 40 Hip Hop with a R & B flava. You’ll get ten
instrumentals broken down by instrument tracks and drums. Mix and match the loops
from each to come up with something completely original and use oneshot samples to
create your own beats. This sample pack is loaded with contemporary sounds that are
currently in high demand. Inspired by Young Jeezy, Lil John, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alicia
Keys, Usher, R. Kelly, Kanye West, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Dre. Contains 117 loops
and 152 oneshots in various tempos and keys

This is a PLP EP series loop kit. EP = Enhanced Packs. Enhanced Packs are universal
formats so you make one purchase and choose your favorite file format from Apple,
Wav, and Recycle. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo ACIDized WAV, Apple-looped Aiff, and Recycle

MORE INFO http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/rnb-hip-hop-loops.html


Free Indie Dance loop pack is uploaded along with this month's 20 free loops. Visit
http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/specials.html for download links. Includes
earlier months as well so get them all.

IN THE BLOG: New Dj Mix by PLP's own Dj Puzzle - Summer August Mix - Hope this gets
you movin' http://peaceloveproductions.com/blog/


Superior South Star Hip Hop Loops. REASON REFILL, REX, APPLE, AND ACID WAV - For
Producing Hip Hop. 9 construction kits, 125 high quality loops and a unique vibe
that You may known from the South Style metropolis like Miami, Atlanta, Huston and
others. We bring You to the deepest hood territory, but You wont find crime,
violence, gun shots - just high quality music, specially for You! Download Price $31

Miami Dance is now available in Rex Rx2 format for Reason, SliceX, Cubase and more.
Visit our rex page to see the many packages available in this popular format and
grab a free Reason refill on us http://peaceloveproductions.com/freereason.html

PLP and Soundtrack Loops team up to bring you Iced Chillout Lounge Loops. Iced
Chillout is a collection of 12 slick and cool construction kits for producing sexy
downtempo songs, heavy on the chill out factor. With 89 loops in total and BPMs
ranging from 63 to 105, you’ll have all tools necessary to create coffeehouse or
martini bar lounge. Instruments include percussion, melodic pianos, synths, snare,
hi hats, mallets, strings, kicks, bells, and choirs. Inspired by artists such as
RJD2, Thievery Corporation, Blockhead, Bonobo, DJ shadow, Boards of Canada, and
Tosca. Also good for RnB! Produced by Adrian Walther, the same producer of the
"Charm" loop library by Sony Creative. wav,rx2,aiff DOWNLOAD NOW for only $12.50

NEW Beatport Dj Tools! Electro Club Sounds Volume 3 and NRG Synths Volume 1-3
Beatport Dj Tools follow this link http://bit.ly/qbTSJb 

Dj Tools By Peace Love Productions Exclusively On Beatport. These exclusive sample
packs were designed specifically for Beatport's Dj Tools section. Each pack gives
you 20+ 8 measure loops in 16 bit wav format (we don't recommend buying the mp3
versions). They are genre specific and will allow you to deconstruct, remix, and
create something entirely new. Each pack gives you the overall key and tempo. Bring
them into your Dj software of choice ie Serato, Traktor, and Ableton Live to name a
few. Apply your own effects and edits. Use them royalty free! Let's say you don't
want the whole pack , you just want the kick or the bassline... YOU CAN ALSO

Acid Techno Beatport Dj Tools - Latest exclusive collection available here only on
Beatport. Acid Techno is another great construction kit of loops ready for DJ's and
Producers to drop into the mix, recorded at 145 BPM get ready to unleash mayhem on
the floor. http://peaceloveproductions.com/beatport-dj-tools.html

Metachemical Electro Trance Beatport Dj Tools  Another selection of loops recorded
at 135 BPM for the production of Electro Trance and other Trance genres. Produced
for Peace Love Productions by Metachemical ready for you to drop into the mix.

Dj Puzzle Club Scratches Beatport Dj Tools - A collection of club scratches ready to
drop into the mix.Produced for Peace Love Productions by DJ Puzzle.

Check out the other Soundtrack Loops titles here

PLP would like to give a warm welcome to new label Audiotent. This is a new label
from the UK They provide quality loops, samples, midi files, and synth patches.


Zanetic – We Are The River EP – WattHz

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Affiliate label WattHz drops a sweet release from Zanetic – BIG UPs

Zanetic – We Are The River EP by WattHz

WattHz Records reveals an exciting new producer hailing from the same hometown. His debut EP, and second release for the label, is sure to gain attention among those with a discerning ear.

Introducing Zanetic….
It’s hard to believe this guy has only been producing for a couple of years as his maturity ‘on the buttons’ belies what you may expect from a newcomer. His debut solo EP on WattHz Records, We Are The River presents a beautifully detailed composition in 2 parts.

Opening with lush pads that set the soundscape for a journey into the depths of sub-consciousness, one soon finds themselves amongst a progression of carefully layered harmony and intelligent drum programming. Hints of guitar and dreamy melodies soundboard We Are The River Part 2, with creative use of space and a steady shuffle, this artwork in two pieces will compliment the dance floor as well as your headphones.

The Woods rounds off the EP. Stepping up the vibe whilst showing restraint, Zanetic turns up the dial with some off-kilter flow. Sure to create flex on the dance floor, The Woods stays consistent with Zanetic’s approach to his production; to harness technical ability with musical prowess.


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BAOBINGA & CO / VARIOUS – Joint Ventures

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First,  there’s a new release on the Bass Music label, under I.D.’s deeper alter-ego Setspeed.  It’s called ‘Komu’ and has been getting great reactions from the likes of 2562 and Dark Sky, and you can even buy the remix stems too.  Check out the label page at http://label.bassmusicblog.com to preview and buy (or you can use any of the usual shops).

Then there’s a new I.D. release out – it’s a remix of Lithuanian producer Emery, and it’s a heavy, 140bpm roller – prime dancefloor ammo.  Out now – check it out here: http://www.junodownload.com/products/wherever-you-are/1812774-02/?ref=bmb

Next, there’s the small matter of Baobinga’s album.  Titled ‘Joint Ventures’, it came out last month and is a series of collaborations featuring the likes of Ginz, Guido, XXXY, Kowton and loads more.  It’s had superb reviews, and you can buy it from the link below.  There’s even a free track to go with it – enter your details into the widget on this blog post:  http://bassmusicblog.com/free-baobinga-randomer-track-direct-album-pur

Since arriving in Bristol a couple of years back, Hull-born occasional Manc Sam Baobinga has been on a musical voyage of discovery. Joint Ventures – a collaborative album featuring contributions from leading West Country knob-twiddlers (Ginz, Hyetal, Guido, regular sparring partner ID), up-and-coming stars (Kowton, Gemmy) and pals from further afield (XXXY, Geiom) – charts that journey. Considering the all-star cast and musically eclectic nature of the project (slow house, future garage, wonky, post-dubstep, glistening electronica, even skittering drum and bass), Joint Ventures could have been a mess. Yet it holds together exceptionally well, coming on like a kaleidoscopic sprint through contemporary bass music’s many varied strands.

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Welcome to LRRecords Blog version 2.0

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Have started a new blog for Little Rascal Records. If your keen to get involved – sign up as a subscriber and let us know that your keen to contribute dubwise and electronic music posts.

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