[rascal recommends] COMBAT WOMBAT – Just Across the Border

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Been a BIG fan of these musical activists since the Unsound System days. Have seen them play: much energy, much passion and truth. >>> ‘rascal recommended’

Playing in Perth at Rosemount Hotel 04.08.2017

Melbourne hip hop activists, truth speakers and riot rockers, COMBAT WOMBAT return to Perth for the first time in ten years on the back of their recently released Just Across The Border LP via https://combatwombat.bandcamp.com/album/just-across-the-border

Support from MathasDiger Rokwell and Soma

Five years in the making, Just Across The Border is a hip hop album with a revolutionary attitude.

Paying equal homage to the golden era of hip hop and sound system dub reggae, it was recorded and produced in Monkey Marc’s solar-powered studio in Melbourne, Australia.

From bass-heavy speaker-blasting hip hop to cinematic musical epilogues and raw sonic beauty, Just Across The Border is Combat Wombat’s first album in over a decade.

This is truth-exposing, riot-inspiring music to tear down borders and break down the walls of racism and injustice we live under

Presented by The Community Records and YARDSTOCK

Only $10 entry

Peep the video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-wfEPArUz04


‘little rascal’


[mixcloud] 4 Da Green Eyes by SK

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BIG UPS on this one beats>Aunty SK …!!

4 Da Green Eyez by Sk on Mixcloud

[NEW RELEASE] Time Plays With Me – Mauri

Privileged to have the latest release on Little Rascal Records:


Mauri presents a moody mix of menacing electronics, occasional crunch, some glitch and a full serve of heavy beats, peppered with up-front vocal explorations with collaborator Puntos S. and guest Chacon.
Abstract, dark and brooding electronic music, not for the faint hearted…

Recorded and mastered at Xpeism Studio by Mauri (Gijón- Spain)

click image for ‘name your price’ download at Bandcamp


click here to preview and buy at JunoDownload

Release Date: 07/JAN/2014

catalog#: LRR_D150114LP

[c] copyright, Little Rascal Records, 2014

More information at:


[EVENT] LRR beat-sistas @ BEAT BAZAAR

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West Oz (now residing in Melbourne) beat gurls and ‘lilttle rascals’ ; SK and MISSLE taking on the big smoke in Melburn this Saturday… If ya in Melb’s and looking for some funky femme DJ/beat-sistas’ action – this is your gig. ‘rascal recommended’

beat bazaar

LRRecords Studio – pics up! Studio Open!

 LRR studio

from ‘littlerascal':

Righto Folks – here it is…! – some pics of the ‘little rascal’ studio..Its a humble affair, but it sure works well! Link to our flickr gallery to view pictures of the build progress..

note: As you can see in the pics, I have yet to give the studio a pro paint job..Besides this and installing permanent lighting this week (temporarily using lamps), and some skirting boards – every thing is done.. I figured” Lets just set up the gear and make some noise!! its the last quarter of 2012!! I don’t need the paint job and the skirting boards done to make good music, they can wait. I do plan to install an adjustable (use when needed) vocal booth soon…

So its time to get into making and releasing some music..from the ‘littlerascal’, other artists on LRRecords and more! …stay tuned.

Will also get round to updating a studio page at www.lrrecords.com.au .

BASIC SUMMARY: Built into the inside of  a typical Aussie Colorbond back-yard shed , the LRRecords studio is a one room, large control room type setup which includes a PA, dj table setup, drum machines and samplers, electronic drums, pro soffit mounted monitor speakers, pro vocal microphones and bass rig. We utilise both digital and analog recording gear, software,  hardware and FX. For detailed list of gear go here and to contact us regarding studio bookings and biz: http://www.lrrecords.com.au/LRR_Services.html


Thankyou to my beautiful family, Casey, Ruby and pets for supporting & putting up with me – planning, building and now playing in the ‘littlerascal’ studio, trying best to be living my dream as well as trying my best to be a good daddy, carer and partner! Thankyou T.Froggy & G.Froggy for being supportive, tolerant and loving to me and the studio and for the back shed to convert into a music recording studio !! Thankyou to our nieghbour and official ‘tradie’ GROGGY for helping with building the main building and the lend of a few crucial tools! Thanks dad for some advice and much needed trailer,  timber and excellent 16mm gyprock wall sheets. Thanks to all those that also donated other bits of material, equipment and tools to help build this studio. A special  BIG UPS to sista-in-beats Skahna for some excellent studio donations and for living the dream in Melbs. Thankyou to all other studio builders using the internet to share valuable experience, information, resources and pictures, especially those at John Sayers’ Recording Studio Design Forum. Thanks google sketchup software for helping me design and dream and plan the studio (for prob a little too long). Thanks Quokka Classifieds Newspaper for providing the adverts to the bargains I found almost every thursday for a whole summer of material collecting. Thankyou to all those in the future whom will use, visit and enjoy the studio and those whom will promote it..Thanks to those friends, family and fans that have been following this project with interest – Thanks to all those that have faith in the ‘little rascal’.

(9) December Hussle

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(9) December Hussle.


december hussle


It’s the silly season and the last Hussle Hussle show for 2011 is set to be a scorcher !

Well known and loved for their colourful mardi gras street parades,
the boisterous ‘funk on junk’ percussion group Junkadelic will be bringing their rowdy antics to Mojo’s for a mindblowing stage show of epic proportions .. This all star cast features the Junkadelic percussion group with additional amplifed bass, guitar and vocals and a full brass section. Directed by master of the dark arts Pippin Kenworthy, on guitar, Dylan Hooper on sax and Hoodwink on lead vocals, this super group play authentic, altered-state inducing funk that brings the house down every time..

Bringing the noise! Sassy lasses of hip hop, R.I. and Soda, are ready to unleash merry havoc on your booties! In dynamic collaboration , these two artists are irresistibly charming and exciting to behold.. Witty and thoughtful, between them they know a lot of words and will regale you with raps and hooks about life, the universe and everything ..

Starchild Mei Saraswati will be coming to Earth for a special Hussle show to uplift and inspire with her delightful cosmic presence.
Showcasing her strong ability as a producer and a singer, Mei’s unique sound, including elements of trip hop, jazz and soul,
is both quirkily futuristic and refreshingly organic. Featuring richly woven vocal tapestries and accompanied by beats played from her MPC , this one woman show completely enthralls.

Dub specialist Dj Zayhon will be showing off her extensive and diverse collection of dub music.. Playing a wide selection from timeless rootsy , bass heavy, hypnotic dub to dubtronica ,
this lady will speed up your heart rate and warp your mind !

And locking off the night will be producer/dj/party diva Elissim.
Back from Melbourne for a whirlwind visit, the multi talented Elissim, (aka as the ever popular Dj Missile), will be dropping in to play a freshly produced set of party steppa, ragga dance, eery electro, wobble hoppy dubstep. This lady is fyah !!

Hope to see you there !
Hussle Hussle
Friday 9th December 2011
8pm – 1am, $10 Entry
Mojo’s Bar, North Fremantle

[event] November Hussle

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November Hussle.

november hussle 2011

This months stirling line up ..

Contrary to what you may have read on urban dictionary, Ladywood is a new seven-piece act, making their first live appearance at Hussle Hussle this November.The band is fronted by Farren Wood (The Bigness, 2010 WAM song of the year nominee), and made up of some of Perth’s finest players and voices. Combining the classic sounds of neo-soul with some production by fellow Perthians Rae and Dazastah, the sound is sweet and soulful with laid back grooves.
If you like to sway it from side to side, drop it to the floor and just let it grind…don’t miss these guys!

Whether he’s rapping a verse or elocuting poetry , Marksman is a performer blessed with the gift of story telling. Winner of the 2008 Australian Poetry Slam competition and 2 time national runner up, Marksman (mc for hip hop band the Dome Sunset), is a vocalist with an extensive arsenal of sharp rhymes. His succinct social commentary combined with the futuristic/experimental production of hip hop maestro Wisdom 2th makes for an engaging and dynamic collection of work… Marksman will be showcasing tracks from his highly anticipated debut solo ep (due to drop in Dec), ‘The bridges in Spain’.

Producer , composer , multi instrumentalist, emcee and singer, The Empty Cup is a creative force who’s truly on the next.. Coming to the fore in the Perth hip hop scene as a founding member/ chief composer in hip hop super group The Typhoons, the Empty Cup is no stranger to the hustle. His emergence as a solo artist is a further adventure into an already vast sonic landscape, enriched further with the addition of his voice. Complete with a string section, The Empty Cup will be playing at Hussle Hussle with his full 7 piece band. Prepare for the spectacular..

And kicking it all off on a feisty note is Quack Quake, smashing out a debut dj set to make the room bounce.. Hip hop classics off wax, OG steez .. Swag it out and party like its 11/11/11 !

Hussle Hussle
Friday 11th November 2011
8 til 1am , $10 Entry
Mojo’s Bar, North Freo

FreQualizer’s Sub:Version (4)

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‎’little rascals’, SK MODE mixing up storms at the next instalment of Sub:Version – A Night Of All Things Breakbeat… :)





The all breakbeat party that is Sub:Version is back again for more ass shaking beats and shoe shufflin, party shenanigans. And once again the crew here at FreQualizer have lined up another fine selection of Perth’s best merchants of the syncopated riddims.

Warming up the ones and twos we have Perths Hip-Hop extraordinaire Angry Buda, fresh from strutting his stuff from the invite only Redbull Thre3style competition.

The glitchy’n’scratchy show that is SK MODE are back again to give you a bassline driven set of epic proportions. In tow for the MODE is bad bwoy and jack of all trades MC Defyre. If you missed this combination last time we urge you – it’s a must.

Perth’s first lady of breaks and Baby Beats resident Carla brings her definitive party/booty sound to show the fellas how it’s done. It’ll be a throwdown with a taste for the old and the new, and the inside knowledge on what the ladies want.

Break The Seal’s DNGRFLD makes his long overdue Sub:version debut alongside Beatsmack’s maestro Bezwun. This dynamic duo has done more than just wow a crowd over winter, and we are happy to let them loose on a breakbeat assault.

As the old boys show you how it used to be done. Having searched far and wide for the freshest beats of 2011, fused with the rocking flavours of yesteryear, the Nyquist Freqs are always up for a party and are always up for delivering.

Two words – Tha Beatslappaz. Two syllables – Backbeat. The late night residents from Perth’s breaks institution Backbeat, The Beatslappaz are renowned for their taste for big beats and tearout synths. Representing the WCBC across town and owning a sound all to there own, they’d step where others would dare to tread. Come see why Backbeat had a unique grip on the breaks world and why the Slappaz had a unique grip on Backbeat crowds.


Doors Open 10pm

The name Sub:Version guarantees a certain promise of broken beats.

via FreQualizer’s Sub:Version (4).

Pineapple harvest… The freshest beats of the spring.

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Bring forth the beat and lets them nod heads furiously….

What’s in the goodie bag this month? Well Im glad you asked….


Well this guy is a beat scientist. Credited Ableton instructor, SAE Lecturer, label boss and one hell of a producer. Showing a strong affinity for the dark and stormy, look for slices of genre hopping and some sub-abusing bass…


Alongside for the ride we are proud as punch to have Dont Sleep/Deadweight/(any other bass show) stalwarts ONI CASH and MR STARKS. Big fat hip hop/glitch/garage/funky sounds. As consistent as they come look for these two lads to really get the vibe on…

Oni Cash

Mr Starks

Add to this Yarhkob debuting stuff from his upcoming release, ex-micadelic/perth hip hop legend Bini dropping some tracks for the first time with Pineapple and our good friend Mr Shoes and Socks making with the VJ’n and such….


Kick off is 730. Drinking is recommended. Entry is free. Good times are mandatory.