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..A special selection, from one of our fav Aussie EDM acts…
‘rascal recommended’

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia – Acte VI Global Mix

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Polymorphik Skyzophrenia is a free project of musical compositions and original texts in free access to music without constraints.

New Act VI LP available now on soundcloud.

Press Book:
Na Mira do Groove (Brésil)      
Review Acte IV-V-VI
Emerging Indie Bands 
Review Acte V (U.K.)
Radio Laser (France)
Interview D.K. Acte V

Unit One Productions -Thunderline [free download]

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…good dub here >>> ‘rascal recommended’

this world [free download]

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http://soundcloud.com/czerwin/this-world Shared via @MyMelodyBox Android app. #MyMelodyBox

…alright// been a while…! Let the music roll in/// c’mon little rascal..

First up some free download from soundcloud..

[event] Dusty Fungus & Face Invada @ Funk Club

…these Aussie bastards are smashing their iEDM across the globe…

…be sure to check them out if they are playing near you. You will get progressive and downright dirty grungy electronica, bass, glitch and more…

‘rascal recommended’



Dusty Fungus released digital EP “Toe Jam & Bum Fluff’ on LRRecords in 2011, check it out and get it here:


Face Invada is scheduled to release on LRRecords in 2014, so stay tuned for some dnb/future bass goodness from him. In the meantime check his soundcloud.com/faceinvada


Synthetic Symphony // Dysphemic & Miss Eliza // Free Download

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Some great basswise beats and pieces with fantastic violin playing to create some original dubstep/grime vibes here folks – ‘rascal recommended’


LRRecords Studio – COMING SOON!!

Pictures of the new studio coming soon!! Will post links to them a.s.a.p.
Fresh tunes from ‘little rascal’ Spiral Soundsystem, Jerry Mane, DJ BlitZ, Dub Rascals Volume 3 and more coming soon!!

‘little rascal’ – Brett Caporn

Dusty Fungus – Intonarumori EP (Available @ Addictech August 6th)

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quirky atmospheric crazy – ass producer DUSTY FUNGUS dropping a EP forthcoming with SIXBUX Productions… – ‘rascal recommended’

Dusty Fungus – Intonarumori EP (Available @ Addictech August 6th) by SixBux Productions

In the noise-driven world of a not-so distant future, sound has become the dominant form of sensory perception. With ears more sensitive than eyes, the desire grows to inhibit an equivalent field of sound. The once aesthetically pleasing realm of traditional music becomes challenged by noise-generating machines capable of complex tonality and infinite timbre. And, as the deeply emotive and provocative nature of these new sounds is granted society’s favour, the future of humanity is celebrated. Now, the world will hear only the perpetual symphony of the Intonarumori.

Almost a century later, and this concept is explored once more. Earthly female vocals immerse a delicately strung mandolins notes as tight breaks lay fluid foundations for moist oscillations, challenging the observed compatibility of auditory perception akin to ‘The Anthropic Principle’. As the low motions of bass tones form body for the rolling percussions rise and fall, granular synths morph amidst a spacious ambience. The sweet charm of classical strings eases the ‘Surreal Futurist’ further into the depths of immersive synthesis, creating the illusion of a timeless harmony. Awakened, empowering chants of Gregorian origin resonate growth within a gorgeously strung and swung, emotive headspace. The lively vibrations of neoclassical strings and synthetic foley fusion amplify the depths of ‘Aphorisms and Interludes’, engaging the senses in a defined yet harmonious journey.

Drawing influence from the sounds of new and old, organic and industrial, conventional and not, Dusty Fungus strives to create a complex, contrasting polyphony between the two. This marries the sincere, nostalgic qualities of classical music with the unique timbres and rhythms of industrial noise, making for a passionately intriguing, innovative experience.

Press Release by: Corey West

Released by: SixBux Productions
Release/catalogue number: SBR007
Release date: Aug 6, 2012


Elissim _ Eye C

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Elissim _ Eye C by Elissim

Track 2 off Elissim’s Natty Fire EP, EYE C is a song born from pure expression of rhythm and change, like a wave it draws up as another is sucked away… featuring Elissim’s own highly fx’d vox, the message “Every day that I see, the rhythm flows through me”
filters through… so sweet.

Released by: Dreadstep
Release/catalogue number: ds 001

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[free track] Dub all the Profits

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FREE dub from the folk at Foreign Dub: ‘rascal recommended':

Kakhand meets Georgie Fisher – Dub all the Profits – Free D/L by foreigndub

“Dub version from the album Meet Kakhand – Free Download”

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