[affiliate] ADSR Sounds

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…new affiliate ADSR Sounds is packed full of goodies for those producers looking for samples, synth presets and production tutorials..


Vocal Samples, Don Goliath – Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol.2, Ragga Vocal Loops, Dub Vox Sounds, Loopmasters

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Vocal Samples, Don Goliath – Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol.2, Ragga Vocal Loops, Dub Vox Sounds, Loopmasters.

Loopmasters are very proud to present Don Goliath’s Reggae and Dancehall Acapellas Vol2 – the second in the series of authentic Jamaican style vocals by true Reggae and Dancehall legends with full song vocal stems ready to remix and drop into your productions including intros, verses, choruses, backing vocals and harmonies plus a useful collection of ready chopped shouts and phrases.




More BARGAINS at loopmasters and pluginboutique

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Melanie Jane – Dnb, House and Dubstep Vocals – Volume 2 » Producer Pack Ltd

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Melanie Jane – Dnb, House and Dubstep Vocals – Volume 2 » Producer Pack Ltd.

After the huge success of Volume one released last year, Producer Pack are proud to announce the release of the long awaited Volume two. This exclusive selection of royalty free female mc/rap vocals cottons 156 London underground pirate radian style vocal samples and singing melodies from one of Brixton South London’s best female rappers Melanie Jane.

These vocal hooks are all recorded in 16bit WAV format for use within most software instruments on the market today, so just drop them into your DAW and watch your music tracks suddenly gain life with these very useable 100% copyright free samples.

If you make Drum n Bass, Breaks, House, House, Electro, Trance, Dubstep, Grime, UK Garage or anything else similar to these genre, then this pack is definitely for you. Melanie’s vocal style is very unique and her voice has been heard in raves, clubs and pirate stations all over London and the South East. Her ‘HYPE’ style vocal spit will send the crowds into a frenzy and her ‘SEXY’ soulful singing vocals will send goose pimples down your neck.

The pack contains ‘Hooks’, ‘Phrases’, ‘Pirate Radio chat’, ‘Sexy talk’ and ‘singing hooks’. You can mix n match various hooks to make up your own in what ever way you like.

Please be warned: this pack does contain language that some people may find offensive

If  you would like to contact Melanie Jane for vocal session work or an event, please email Me1aniejane@hotmail.co.uk


[This pack DOES NOT contain any music or sounds, ONLY vocal samples. The music contained within the demo is not available in this pack]






20% Off Producer Loops Sample Packs | Juno Download

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‘last day to get some bargain quality loops at junodownload’

Bassline & 4×4 Garage Producer Pack » Producer Pack Ltd

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Bassline & 4×4 Garage Producer Pack » Producer Pack Ltd.


Watch ya bass bins im tellin ya!!!

A Brand New Basslines & 4×4 Garage Sample Pack created by some of the LEADING players on the UKG scene. This EXCLUSIVE  samples pack contains all the elements you’ll need to make DUTTY bassline 4×4 Garage music.

If your’re looking for that UP NORTH sound thats doing the damage in the national charts and Clubs lately, then look no further than this, you WONT be dissapointed.

All samples and loops are all of course 100% Copyright FREE, so there is no need to be diving into your bank accounts to gain clearance for these samples.



With over 600 of the most dutty ROYALTY FREE sounds,loops, vocals and basslines programmed by the producers in the scene today .The tracks playin now were made in minutes using the rex loops files,wavs and current basslines featured in this must have production tool.

Use this product to make a selction of underground styles including Bassline, speed garage, 4×4, dubstep and much much more. These files will work within all sequencers that accept rex and wav such as Reason, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Ableton and more………

So what are u waiting for, go get the bassline 4×4 and uk garage sample pack now to get that pro northern sound.

All loops have been hand constructed and vocals freshly recorded.


Files and Folders Included in this Pack: –

Bassline Sample Pack Demo Song

Bassline Beats- Kiks,Filthy Claps,Dirty Snares,Hats,Crashes,Bassline4x4 140bpm Drum loops.

Bassline Sound Constructor-Northern Bass Tones, Music Loops 140bpm,Chords and Stabs

Bassline FX and Vocals- Dutty Vocals, FX

Cosmic Glitch Bitpop » Producer Pack Ltd

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Cosmic Glitch Bitpop » Producer Pack Ltd.


Cosmic Glitch Bitpop is a beautifully unclassifiable sample library that explorers the far corners of the glitch and the bit broken lo-fi universe. It features 25 masterfully crafted and often beautifully disturbing construction tracks.

check it out.


[affiliate] sample pack pick of the month – BASS IS NASTY

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BASS IS NASTY is a huge collection of uniquely processed synthesizer bass samples. The sample library is an essential tool for producers wanting to add some grit and grunge into their tracks.

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Sonny Wharton Production Competition Celebrating 2 Years Of Whartone Records

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To celebrate the launch of the 2 Years Of Whartone Records compilation Trackitdown.net, Sonny Wharton and Whartone Records have joined forces to present you with a unique opportunity open to budding producers everywhere as we launch a very exciting new competition.

There is a free sample pack to download as part of our production competition where one talented producer will have their track released on Whartone Records as well as receive one to one tuition with Sonny Wharton at the Subbass studios in London.

For full details please check


[loopmasters] GRID MACHINE//SLICE | Drum N’ Bass Edition

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‘rascal recommended’ for producers >>>:

GRID MACHINE//SLICE | Drum N\’ Bass Edition

Loopmasters and Channel Robot are very proud to present a fantastic new concept for Kontakt Sampler users which combines Channel Robots unique design elements in the Kontakt environment with the cutting edge samples from Loopmasters sound archives.

Cut, Chop, Stutter, Reverse, Mix, Modulate and of course slice with Grid Machine//Slice DnB. A unique powerful new type of loop altering tool to Bend, Twist and re-create your loops all in real time.

Featuring over 200 of the highest quality Loopmasters Drum and Bass loops every one of which can be re-programmed into hundreds of totally different sounds. Over 200 presets to get you started. A virtual instrument for Kontakt 4.2 and above, Grid Machine//Slice places unique creative and playable features right at your fingertips, and on your keyboard (using its extensive key-switch system). Libraries of loops will never be the same again.

Grid Machine//Slice features EQ, Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Pan, Tremolo, and Vibrato effects, all connected to an independent set of highly controllable modulators. Over 20 different ways to slice(re-order) each loop, plus you can play these patterns forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards, half-speed, double speed, and skip slices.

Mute, Reverse or Repeat(stutter) individual slices of your choice. There are literally thousands of different ways to play each of the include 200+ loops. Oh did we mention you can cross-mix between loops giving you even more possibilities.

Retrigger a loop any time you like from any slice, play sub-loops, latch on a single slice, time changes and loop re-triggers to bar and beat all from your keyboard or the user friendly GUI inside Kontakt. Tempo sync’ed to your song in your DAW or play as a stand-alone instrument!