JahYu – Lineage Of The Sun (Full Album) FREE DOWNLOAD

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…>> more progressive dub goodness from one of our fav labels = ‘rascal recommended’

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JahYu: the Korean word for ‘freedom’, this is an artist whose music is rooted in the notion of freedom, freedom of sound, freedom of expression, freedom from mind and freedom of the soul. JahYu uses his creative freedom to connect directly with his ancestors and create music that somehow transports the listener through time and space. Oriental flute and string melodies slide effortlessly amongst powerful roots-based dubstep, creating a sound that is unique and full of flavour. This enigmatic Korean-German producer blends both sides of his heritage, the digital steppers that emerged from Europe in the 1990’s alongside the traditional oriental music of his mother’s homeland, Korea, augmented by a deeper exploration of contemporary bass music. It is said that JahYu’s family descend from the same lineage of Go Jumong, the founder of the great Goguryeo Kingdom of the Far East, a people renown for their ancestral worship and unique musical expression. Goguryeo music was even adopted as official court music for the powerful Sui and Tang dynasties of China, many times throughout history these Chinese dynasties were at war with Goguryeo, however, the music of the enemy, Goguryeo, was still able to flourish in China and has been consistently performed across Asia for hundreds of years. Perhaps this explains the majestic qualities of JahYu’s music. JahYu’s productions provide us with the opportunity to discover our ancestral roots through music. Roots music is not a sound, it is a feeling and a feeling that JahYu is able to evoke with profound intensity.

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JahYu: “A perfect fusion of meditative Eastern instrumentation with 21st century sound-system vibration.” MIXMAG

Track listing:
01. JahYu – Outlaw Basterds
02. JahYu – Pay The Piper
03. JahYu – Relief For The Poor
04. JahYu – Legacy
05. JahYu – Three Legged Crow
06. JahYu – Tal Joom
07. JahYu – Shamanic Dance
08. JahYu – Shakra
09. JahYu – Humble-Minded
10. JahYu – Lion Paw
11. JahYu – Tree Of Life
12. JahYu – Hallasan
13. JahYu – Imagine
14. JahYu – Taiko
15. JahYu – Inner Truth
16. JahYu – Reincarnation Dub
17. JahYu – Heart Sutra

Released by:Steppas Records

Release/catalogue number:ASFREE002

Release date:7 November 2014

Sgt Remo Releases Brand New Album

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Give Thanks for Life – Sgt. Remo

Jah Yutes Entertainment (JYE) releases Sgt Remo’s album Give Thanks for Life recorded at JYE studios. This album includes 13 brand new tracks featuring guest appearances by General Smiley, Mikey Wild, Don Goliath, and Jah Melik. The first Official Video from the album titled I’m Free was released on July 26. A second Official Video of the song Survival of the Fittest is scheduled to premiere on November, 2014. This album is the follow up to the highly successful EP Life is for Living which helped plant his name on the reggae music landscape. The album features production by long time Sgt Remo collaborator Pedro Hernandez from EA Productions (St. Petersburg, FL) and an array of producers from around the world. Sgt Remo is known for working with a diverse production team and this album is no exception with guest producers from Japan, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Peru, Jamaica, and the U.S.

“I’m Free” is a song about mental liberation and shedding the preconceived notions that often divides us as people, with Remo voicing the sentiment “Every man born free from bondage, every man born free from violence. Everyone wants to live their life well, so teach them good and don’t bad mind them.” The video for this single has received a strong response and continues to build an audience. One of the highlights of the album is the title track Give Thanks for Life urging the celebration of life’s blessings that are oftentimes taken for granted. Sgt Remo penned the song after experiencing his daughter’s battle with cancer which she triumphantly defeated. “Give thanks for life, give thanks for joy, give thanks for the opportunity to live my life.” He champions all women in this song acknowledging the hardships they experience as mothers, often being single parents. He states “give thanks for mama, set the rule and the order. Without a father, she is the mama and the dada.” The song was produced by Spain’s Rey JahB Estudio.

Other highlights in the album include the provocative Survival of the Fittest and Babylon is Burning. Survival of the Fittest is a highly energetic song voicing the frustrations of poor communities around the world rallying the people to “stand tall, all my warriors stand tall. Stand tall, make them know Jah we a call.” Another notable song is Make a Change, an inspirational collaboration featuring reggae dancehall pioneer General Smiley from the Michigan & Smiley duo. Smiley sings a captivating chorus while Sgt Remo delivers some rich vocals on this song about making a positive change in our lives. General Smiley is also featured inIt’s All Been Said. This roots reggae track was masterfully produced by Peru’s La Chakra Records. Remo gives praises to the elders reminding us about their extensive, but often forgotten, contributions singing “it’s all been said, it’s all been done. I man just here, trying to live like them.”

Sgt Remo teams up with Germany’s producer/artist Don Goliath and veteran Bermuda artist Mikey Wild on the roots step Call on Jah skirting the realms of electronic music.  Remo Rankin delivers a rapid delivery on the very danceable remake of the Ride Your Donkey riddim of the late 60’s, this one titled Donkey riddim produced by Mexico City’s TnT Music and Cuartito de a Jah. Sound System is a big up to the sound system culture which has been fundamental in Sgt Remo’s career. My Light and Salvation is a combination song with Japanese Rasta chanter Jah Melik. One Life to Live and Road of Corruption round off the album with some great instrumental versions produced by Josh Mundahl and Nigel Burrell (Firehouse Crew, Jamaica) and Mexico’s Dub Command respectively. Sgt Remo delivers some great vocals and lyrics on these two roots anthems.

All Radio, DJ’s, Press, and other Media wishing to receive a promotional copy of the album are highly encouraged to contact sgt.remo@gmail.com.

1   Give Thanks – Produced by Rey JahB Estudios (Barcelona, Spain)
2   Survival Of The Fittest – Produced by EA Productions (St. Petersburg, FL)
3   Call On Jah Feat. Don Goliath & Mikey Wild – Produced by Don Goliath (Berlin, Germany)
4   Babylon Is Burning – Produced by Bayou International Records (New Orleans, LA)
5   Make A Change Feat. General Smiley – Produced by EA Productions (St. Petersburg, FL)
6   Road Of Corruption – Produced by Dub Command (Mexico City, MX)
7   It’s All Been Said Feat. General Smiley – Produced by La Chakra Records (Lima, Peru)
8   I’m Free – Produced by DnL Producciones (Maipu, Chile)
9   My Light & Salvation Feat. Jah Melik – Produced by Jah Melik Music (Yamaguchi, Japan)
10 Rastafari Way – Produced by EA Productions (St. Petersburg, FL)
11 Remo Rankin – Produced by TnT Music & Cuartito De A Jah (Mexico City, MX)
12 Sound System – Produced by Yellowstone Sound (Jacksonville, FL)
13 One Life To Live – Produced by Nigel Burrell & Joshua Mundahl (Kingston, JA)

Available on iTunes & All Digital Retailers

Give Thanks for Life – Sgt. Remo


[DPH012] Sunjaman – Outta Here EP – Dubophonic netlabel

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[DPH012] Sunjaman – Outta Here EP – Dubophonic netlabel.

…more great dub coming from this awesome label >>> ‘rascal recommended’

[DPH012] Sunjaman – Outta Here (EP)


Artist: Sunjaman
Title: Outta Here (EP)
Cat: [DPH012]
Genre: Dubwise / Stepper / Rootstep / Jungle
Country: Greece
Release date: 09-03-2014
CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0

Sunjaman is an upcoming producer from Athens, Greece. Being a musician & bass player himself, he has always been exploring the sound of the bass, trying to travel into new territories on his effort to establish his own sound. On the process of exploring the bass territory, he had joined many bands and created numerous side-projects, from punk to hiphop. Nevertheless, dub has always been his main goal.

Inspired by the originality of roots dub and influenced by the modern dub steppa scene, he began to produce and public his tracks online. He made his debut release in 2013 and continued with many collaborations and releases. This is the first time he collaborates with Dubophonic. The style of Sunjaman’s can’t be described by only one musical genre. It combines many elements of bass music, such as dubstep, jungle, steppa, roots, dubwise. This is eminent in this 7-track EP, consisting of three original tracks and four alternative cuts.

Nuff respect to Northical from the Greek band/soundsystem Kako Synapantima for vocalising “Heavyweight Sound”, as well as Manwel T from Dubkey Records for his version of “Outta Here”.  Big shout out also to Jungle Raiders for a very energetic jungle cut of “Witness the day”. The cover art is credited to Katerina Arvaniti.

[DPH012] Sunjaman: Outta Here
TRACKS: 01 Heavyweight Sound (ft. Northical) // 02 Outta Here // 03 Witness the Day // 04 Heavyweight Sound (Sunjaman Re-Dub) // 05 Outta Here (Manwel T Remix) // 06 Witness The Day (Jungle Raiders Remix) // 07 Witness The Day (Re-Edit)

Kuranda Roots Festival 2013

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Spiral Soundsystem playing at this years 10th Kuranda Roots Festival:

This year’s program is the most exciting to date, with a brilliant mix of roots and reggae acts, international sound anarchists, deep dub and electro artists, skankers and punkers all mashing it up with the best North Qld has to offer.

Kuranda Roots is one of the best-kept secrets of the Australian Festival scene…a hidden gem in the rainforest, and one of the finest music, arts and cultural festivals in the country.

Building on a ten-year tradition of quality cultural, community festival experience, Kuranda Roots has expanded to three glorious days overflowing with workshops, markets, music, art, storytelling, dance, circus, singing, culture and as always, a boss selection of bands, producers and DJ’s.

KR poster 2013

Privileged to be playing at this one, fresh original dubs to entertain the punters!
‘little rascal’