[new release] Lion Heart by Jah Red Lion on Soul Island Records

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“Lion Heart” is the third studio release by Jah Red Lion.

Entirely produced in NZ, the bi-lingual EP features some of the country’s heaviest reggae producers and incorporates all spectrums of the genre from Roots Dancehall to Digital Dub.

Working with the likes of Dub Terminator, Reality Chant, and High Stakes Productions, Jah Red Lion says the EP is a reflection of his values; Love, Pride and Fearlessness, “just like a lion’s heart”. Lion heart EP is out now on digital stores.


‘rascal recommends’

Soul Island is a pretty dubwise label created by Dub Terminator from New Zealand check out the releases on itunes:


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Been trawlin thru the juno dnb recommendations for August and have made a  special selection – ‘rascal recommended’

Jungle legends really don’t come any bigger than Ray Keith. Dread founder and all round agenda-setter, here we find him unleashing some long-awaited originals. “Greedy Me” takes a well-known vocal and lays it down gracefully over a rush-fuelled full throttle breakbeat groove. “Going In Hard” contrasts this completely with industrial strength and halfsteps that wouldn’t go amiss on Exit. Further on, “Waste Man Dem” is a Dub Phizix-style vocal cut from Ray’s Renegade Live outfit while “Dub 1″ is a turbo charged homage to synths with cool use of a Roberta Flack vocal. Each one of them primed for destruction, it’s clear Ray hasn’t lost his touch.



‘rascal recommends’ Liondub International

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...some heavy drum n bass from Liondub International >> 'rascal recommended'

‘rascal recommends’

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Righto’. Been loving the music gems I find here on the net and out there in ‘the world’. Always loved sharing those gems found, shared alike, and BIG UPs the artists, producers and labels. Sometimes [sometimes not] the links are via affiliate programs with well, our affiliates – beasts like itunes, and snazzy music places like junodownload, places where you will also find Little Rascal Records music!

Thanks to our big digi-distributor theorchard, I have recently found a great service called GeoRiot thats rounds alot of em up in a netmachine kinda way. GeoRiot liberates your affiliate links from national boundaries to maximize your profits and ensure a better global user experience.

Anyways the point is ‘rascal recommends’ some good music here and all over the netwaves and I want you to check it out because your bound to find something awesome. We are starting a ‘rascal recommends’ page on the label blog, don’t miss out on some true gems and genius albums in genres like: reggae/dub, dnb/jungle, dubstep/grime/trap/bass, hip hop, rave/acid/techno, electronica/experimental, ambient, indie, acoustic, singer/songwriter,  rock/prog/heavy, punk/hardcore….uuummmmm maaayybee I should just put all genres except: country/western, christian, new age, etc..

I’ve taken a few selections from our ‘rascal recommends’ page, as a little taster:


King Tubby’s Special King Tubby
Tubby is in the roots of dub….A great journey thru dub.

See Mi Yah Remixes Rhythm & Sound
I can’t go by without recommending Rhythm & Sound

Jungle Stories EP Jerry Mane
And Jerry Mane’s Jungle Stories EP on LRRecords is quiet a numba :)


….and here we go with some selected junodownload recommends:


ROCKWELL – INeedU/1_2_3_4

One of drum & bass’ true innovators, Rockwell spends his time wisely over at Shogun Audio creating only the best messed-up beats from a mind-bendingly diverse spectrum of influences. “INeedU” is a skitterish firefly of a track, complete with hyped-up ADD beats stolen from a Rave mixtape circa ’93 and samples from every corner of his record collection. “1_2_3_4″ features harsher than harsh pads throughout, creating a hard techno blast through the neon wormhole of Rockwell’s D&B fever fit. More Bangface than Sun and Bass, it’s an amazing mental breakdown of a tune that somehow works itself out into quite the little mover. Be prepared for a scare.

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We aim to focus on all manner of electronic music, looking to give a balanced viewpoint on established artists and labels as well as the boutique operations and producers that might fly under the radar of wider appreciation. Juno Plus take particular pride in championing vinyl-focused labels that place importance on quality music and artwork. Our editorial team is small but eminently knowledgeable and we place an emphasis on quality over content, aiming to provide a wealth of information for followers of contemporary electronic music.

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“Always searching, never perching”



‘rascal recommends’ on junodownload.

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Some fresh ‘rascal recommendations’ from junodownload for your musical desires !


Beam Up – Divers / Kick Off (7″ vinyl only : pre-order now)

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…gotta love those artists that put dub to vinyl…BIG UPS

Beam Up’s upcoming 7″ vinyl release – ‘rascal recommended’