[new release] Elissim’s “Natty Fire EP”

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Elissim’s “Natty Fire EP”.




Elissim’s love fueled positive energy brings us another of her exceptional collaborative releases filled with good times and party vibes. Elissim truly writes from the heart, blessed to share time with some of the best artists from around the globe in her production world. The songs on this release feature all original songs written and produced by Elissim and her musical partners.

The first track off this release is NATTY DREAD. Elissim collaborates with Jamaican born Menny More (Easy Star All Stars) to create a song that expresses their solidarity and determination for a good and blessed life for all… The way of Babylon – its not how natty dreads roll… Jah guide and protect us today.
Track 2 EYE C is a song born from pure expression of rhythm and change, like a wave it draws up as another is sucked away… featuring Elissim’s own highly fx’d vox, the message “Every day that I see, the rhythm flows through me” filters through… so sweet.
The third track WROTE D RIDDIM is just a straight up fun party banger… the vocal on this track stems from a recording session Elissim had with Jamaican Superstar Jah Mason…  Playing him one of her tunes, Jah Mason, gave her the inspiration for this track… you know?!? Elissim made d riddim….




We really hope you like the tunes… We have been working hard and are very excited to see DS001 go online all around the world…

Available now through Additech, Itunes (AUS, CAN, UK/EU, USA, JAPAN & MEXICO), Amazon, Raphosidy,Napsteremusic (US / UK) and more on dreadstep.




SK MODE/LEVEL UP – Glitch Mix 2

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‘little rascals’ SK Mode bringing the hell glitch shiz – ‘rascal recommended’



1) Oasis – Freddy Todd
2) Under Mi Wildflower – Ill.Gates & The Aussie Bush Crew
3) Komputer Fail – Tumble
4) The Matrix – Bassnectar
5) Come With Me – Marty Party
6) Lucky Larry (Samples rmx) – Who Cares
7) Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt – Mochipet
8) Upside Down – Bassnectar
9) Viricapnity (Omega rmx) – Samples
10) Sloth – Dysphemic
11) Paging Steroephonic – Bassnectar
12) Focus – Subvert & Shamik
13) Fish Paste (Ill.Gates rmx) – Die Antwoord
14) No Offence – Night Riderz
15) Skydive (K+Lab rmx) – William Breakspear
16) Forcing the point – Blunt Instrument
17) Just Music – K+Lab feat. Camo MC
18) Vowel Mouthed – William Breakspear Vs SixAM

SK MODE – Glitch Mix

Zanetic – We Are The River EP – WattHz

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Affiliate label WattHz drops a sweet release from Zanetic – BIG UPs

Zanetic – We Are The River EP by WattHz

WattHz Records reveals an exciting new producer hailing from the same hometown. His debut EP, and second release for the label, is sure to gain attention among those with a discerning ear.

Introducing Zanetic….
It’s hard to believe this guy has only been producing for a couple of years as his maturity ‘on the buttons’ belies what you may expect from a newcomer. His debut solo EP on WattHz Records, We Are The River presents a beautifully detailed composition in 2 parts.

Opening with lush pads that set the soundscape for a journey into the depths of sub-consciousness, one soon finds themselves amongst a progression of carefully layered harmony and intelligent drum programming. Hints of guitar and dreamy melodies soundboard We Are The River Part 2, with creative use of space and a steady shuffle, this artwork in two pieces will compliment the dance floor as well as your headphones.

The Woods rounds off the EP. Stepping up the vibe whilst showing restraint, Zanetic turns up the dial with some off-kilter flow. Sure to create flex on the dance floor, The Woods stays consistent with Zanetic’s approach to his production; to harness technical ability with musical prowess.


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Dub Terminator meets Reality Chant ft Melloquence & Hua – Uniting – Reggae runnings in Aotearoa, New Zealand

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Dub Terminator meets Reality Chant ft Melloquence & Hua – Uniting – Reggae runnings in Aotearoa, New Zealand.



This is quite a unique collaborative project in that the concept behind its production and its lyrical message are one and the same.  This tune is all about strength through unity and the reason it comes across so well is because of the combination of four distinct talents.

Dub Terminator is Auckland-based Chris McLay who has already made quite a splash with his Soul Island Volume 1 album which showcased a tough collection of his electro/roots rhythms over which featured emerging guest vocalists from all around the planet.  It makes perfect sense that he would eventually do something with Reality Chant.

Gabriel ‘Messenjah’ Calcott has built his reputation by producing world-class roots rhythms from his studio in Christchurch which have attracted top-ranking reggae artists to voice.  The excellent Kings Highway album set the benchmark for locally produced rhythms matched-up with international vocalists like Luciano, Lutan Fyah, Ginjah, Chrisinti and Jah Mason.

The initial meeting of these two generals resulted in the Dub Terminator remix of Reality Chant’s Fyah Bed featuring Natty King.  From that positive outcome they decided to work together to create a track from scratch and to also each bring their own featured vocalist to the party as well.

Melloquence is 24 year-old Ramone Drake out of Linstead, Jamaica.  He has previously voiced other tunes for Dub Terminator and his confident and youthful sing-jay style is undoubtedly on the ascent.  His stage name comes from the combining of ‘melody’ and ‘eloquence’ and that pretty much sums up his smooth but conscious vocals.

Hua is Joshua Hilman and is the lead singer and guitarist for Darky Roots, a band of ex-pat kiwis based in Brisbane.  Originally from Palmerston North, Hua has been leading this group since 2008 and they have extensively toured Australia and NZ and have released an EP and their debut album on the Rudekat Records label.

Uniting is a mid-tempo, minor-key roots stomper.  Its outstanding features are Dub Terminator’s signature fat keyboard bassline and gated snare sound, some tastefully flanged lead guitar work and coolly understated melodica riffing.  The mix and arrangement of the rhythm track plays perfectly to both producers’ strengths and is a great indicator of why these guys will have no trouble shopping their music to the international reggae market. Melloquence and Hua’s deliveries also cleverly compliment each others vocal style and the unity theme of the song is cohesive throughout.

It is a testament to the contributors’ musical diplomacy and positive long-distance communications that a song that simultaneously represents NZ, JA and Oz sounds like it could have been recorded in the one same session.  I sincerely hope in addition to persuing their own individual productions, that Dub Terminator and Reality Chant have scheduled some future musical meetings.

As Melloquence says:  ‘Love is all we need to proceed – Big up the whole of New Zealand’.

Dub Terminator meets Reality Chant – Uniting Ft Hua & Melloquence by Dub Terminator

More info:
Uniting on SoundCloud
Dub Terminator website
Dub Terminator Facebook
Reality Chant website
Reality Chant Facebook
Melloquence Facebook
Darky Roots Facebook


Gear Shift

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Gear Shift this Monday at Horse Bazaar, Monday 5th of September, 7.30pm

‘Gear Shift’ is a monthly jam session organised by the electronic music collective Clan Analogue.  
Anyone is welcome to join in. Just bring a synth, laptop, drum machine or any kind of electronic music-making gadget. This a great opportunity to play electronic music with other people, learn some new techniques and try out some different gear.


At the August jam session lots of exciting equipment was on hand, including:


•                Korg M3 with Radias expansion card

•                Laptop with Ableton Live


•                Roland MC-202

Arp 2600

Frostwave ring modulator

•                Boss digital delay pedals

•                Juno 106

•                Homemade synth

•                Laptop running Logic Pro


Come along and join the sonic mayhem!

If you’d like to see some footage of the last jam, check out http://youtu.be/5Dmii6PV0so


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In my head – J Nitrous

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j-nitrous / in my head

A great track to share from J-Nitrous:

J.Nitrous – In My Head (FREE DOWNLOAD) by J.Nitrous

Since 2003, J.Nitrous (James Burchett) has been heading against the grain and shaping his own unique style of music. Hailing from the secluded outback of Australia, J.Nitrous has managed to gain a loyal following of screaming dubstep fans from around the world.

J.Nitrous’ most recent musical ventures have driven him to create epic rave-crunk infused monster music. For those who have not yet witnessed a live DJ set from him, you can feel the same intense emotions pouring out of his tracks “Lost On Earth” and his epic remix of “We Are The Dead” by Does It Offend You, Yeah?

In 2010, J.Nitrous gave birth to his own imprint; Hypnosis Recordings which is focussing on releasing and pushing only the best of the best in electronic music. Already creating huge waves with the debut release “Say You Need Me”, the label is guaranteed to stand out from the rest. Other artists releasing with Hypnosis Recordings in 2011 are Shakes, SPL, Killswitch, Droid Sector, Boot, Morocha, Matta and more.

Receiving DJ support from the likes of Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Excision and recently signing to the highly regarded Paradise Lost Recordings firm, you can only expect the best, heart stopping music from J.Nitrous.

“Taking dubstep to strange, exciting corners of the musical universe…” – Dom Alessio, Triple J


New release from Westernsynthetics

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We have always found good dub, idm, anarchism and general deep dub-wise trickery from Westernsynthetics and the folk at Sub Continental Dub, and always keen to promote good Australian music from forward thinking artists >>> BIG UPS and all tha dub tya….check it:


No Holiday is released in celebration of Sydney Producer Westernsynthetics performing at the 2011 Outlook Festival. Available exclusively on Beatport and including a free download giveaway atwww.westernsynthetics.net

No Holiday is the follow up EP to the acclaimed May Day Radio album. Recorded in late 2010 at a beach front cottage in the surreal surroundings of Kiama, Southern New South Wales, Australia, the EP contains two fresh cuts clearly displaying the signatory Westernsynthetics aesthetic.

KMADMG (Kiama Dreaming) is a pulsating techno slammer that tips its hat to the roots of dubstep. It contains the familiar yet unique Westernsynthetics stamp of production, with use of analogue FX and layered soundscapes over a huge kick drum. Extreme low sub bass frequencies here!

Title track No Holiday experiments with drone and melodic atmospheres to propel complex drum patterns and layered snares over the thick bass line. No Holiday dabbles with the old school rave genre while morphing through complex progressions and nuanced melodic phrasing.

“Westernsynthetics has been one of the most prominent artists flying the dubstep flag in Australia for some time now”
Resident Advisor

“One of the first producers on the Australian dubstep scene when the term barely existed”
Street Press Australia

“It is clear his sound is among the countries most original”
Cyclic Defrost

Westernsynthetics will be the first Australian to perform at Croatia’s Outlook Festival this September 2011. Quoted as “the best four days of bass music in Europe, if not the world” by Resident Advisor, Outlook is the largest dubstep & soundsystem culture festival in Europe. With a mammoth line up from the most cutting edge and vibrant electronic music scenes around today Westernsynthetics will be performing alongside the likes of Jamie XX, Benga, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Kode 9, Foreign Beggars and many more, with an expected audience of 10,000 people.

In early 2011 Westernsynthetics released his debut album May Day Radio. Sydney radio station FBI awarded it the highly coveted Sunset Album of the Week. This album also received excellent reviews with spins & rotation across Australian and international radio.

In 2009 Westernsynthetics was nominated for ‘Best Instrumental Composition’ category in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards for his debut 12” LP Engine No. 999.

No Holiday, May Day Radio and Engine No. 999 are released on Sub Continental Dub and distributed internationally by renowned UK imprint Cargo Records.

No Holiday is exclusively available on Beatport

Available all other digital retailers 1st July 2011




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