(9) December Hussle

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(9) December Hussle.


december hussle


It’s the silly season and the last Hussle Hussle show for 2011 is set to be a scorcher !

Well known and loved for their colourful mardi gras street parades,
the boisterous ‘funk on junk’ percussion group Junkadelic will be bringing their rowdy antics to Mojo’s for a mindblowing stage show of epic proportions .. This all star cast features the Junkadelic percussion group with additional amplifed bass, guitar and vocals and a full brass section. Directed by master of the dark arts Pippin Kenworthy, on guitar, Dylan Hooper on sax and Hoodwink on lead vocals, this super group play authentic, altered-state inducing funk that brings the house down every time..

Bringing the noise! Sassy lasses of hip hop, R.I. and Soda, are ready to unleash merry havoc on your booties! In dynamic collaboration , these two artists are irresistibly charming and exciting to behold.. Witty and thoughtful, between them they know a lot of words and will regale you with raps and hooks about life, the universe and everything ..

Starchild Mei Saraswati will be coming to Earth for a special Hussle show to uplift and inspire with her delightful cosmic presence.
Showcasing her strong ability as a producer and a singer, Mei’s unique sound, including elements of trip hop, jazz and soul,
is both quirkily futuristic and refreshingly organic. Featuring richly woven vocal tapestries and accompanied by beats played from her MPC , this one woman show completely enthralls.

Dub specialist Dj Zayhon will be showing off her extensive and diverse collection of dub music.. Playing a wide selection from timeless rootsy , bass heavy, hypnotic dub to dubtronica ,
this lady will speed up your heart rate and warp your mind !

And locking off the night will be producer/dj/party diva Elissim.
Back from Melbourne for a whirlwind visit, the multi talented Elissim, (aka as the ever popular Dj Missile), will be dropping in to play a freshly produced set of party steppa, ragga dance, eery electro, wobble hoppy dubstep. This lady is fyah !!

Hope to see you there !
Hussle Hussle
Friday 9th December 2011
8pm – 1am, $10 Entry
Mojo’s Bar, North Fremantle

[EVENT] Sonic Network No.9

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‘In the spirit of promoting quality events involving LRRecords friends and affiliates from all around the world!’ – ‘rascal recommended’

Opening Thursday, October 6, 2011, 7 p.m.

Sonic Network No.9

John Aslanidis [AUS], Malerei / Painting + Brian May [GB], Toninstallation / Soundinstallation

dr. julius | ap is pleased to announce a cooperation of Australian painter John Aslanidis and Berlin-based British musician Brian May. This will be the first vision + sound installation ever in the gallery of the New Concrete. The exhibition will comprise of a large painting, Sonic Network No.9, constructed of four panels measuring 244 cm in height by 304 cm in length, and a generative sound piece, which will be a response to the painting.
In the sonic network paintings John Aslanidis uses a set of mathematical intervals, which are relative to a grid on each of the four canvases. The drawing he derives these intervals from is akin to a “musical score”. This is a drawing of compositional intervals, which Aslanidis has used in composing the sonic network series.
It is from these compositional points that Brian May has written an algorithm which determines the characteristics and timing of the tones in relation to the points as conceived in the sound piece. The sine wave tones created are audio representations of circular forms.
Brian May’s sound piece will be using the programming language for sound synthesis SuperCollider to compose, produce and play the piece, which will be played in conjunction with the painting from a computer through a sound system for the duration of the exhibition.
The sound piece is generative and infinite, with no fixed start or end point in the composition. This correlates with the idea of infinity, a basic element of the sonic network series.
Consequently, the interaction between the sound piece, the painting and the observer will always be different, as the painting perpetually shifts upon being viewed and the sound piece emanating from SuperCollider mirrors this.
The intention of the sound piece is to create an equivalent of the reverberating patterns and geometric shapes, resembling the patterns in the painting. In addition to this the composer will be taking into consideration the structure and composition of the painting and respond to the moiré patterns – which will be represented via audio interference of the sine waves, known as beat frequencies in the sound piece.
Using SuperCollider, Brian May will be able to create sounds which correspond to colours emanating from the painting.
Order and chaos is present in both the sound piece and the painting, the resulting effect being one of synergy between analogue and digital mediums.

Brian May [born 1966 in Manchester, GB] has been producing and performing music across Australia, Japan, Europe and North America since 1990. Currently he is working as music producer and sound artist in Berlin, performing on a regular basis internationally.
The first collaboration between John Aslanidis and Brian May was in an exhibition at Austral Avenue Melbourne in 2006. In this exhibition Brian May composed a sound piece in response to Sonic Network No. 2.

John Aslanidis [* 1961 in Sydney, AUS] has a history working in the area of music and sound, having been part of Clan Analogue – a collective of sound and visual artists based in Sydney and Melbourne in the 1990s – and later being a visual artist on Zonar recordings, an electronic music label based in the late 1990s and early 2000s
In 2011, for the exhibition “Sounds Good”, curated by Claudia Calirman at Location One in New York, John Aslanidis, Katy Dove, Phoebe Hui, Sophie Hunter, Miler Lagos, John O’Connell, Gonzalo Puch, and Zane Saunders all collaborated to create a visual responses to a collaborative sound piece.
In addition to this Aslanidis participated in the exhibition “Sound and Vision” at Mc Kenzie Fine Art In New York, with Gilbert Hsiao, Daniel Hill and Laura Watt.
Aslanidis has been participating in “mehrfach -_ multiple” in December 2010, a group exhibition featuring all dr. julius | ap artists.

Aslanidis + May | Sonic Network No. 9

Opening Thursday, October 6, 2011, 7 p.m.

To be seen from October 7 to November 6, 2011

Open Thurs – Sat 3 – 7 p.m. and by appointment

Leberstrasse 60
10829 Berlin
030 243 743 49