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>>> more progressive electronica from Mauri on KVITNU >>>


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If your in Perth and you love and support experimental electronic music, then consider getting to this upcoming event: ‘rascal recommended’



TIME: 18:00

VENUE: The Bird

Get Tickets

We’re celebrating 20 years of Ambient Zone on RTRFM with AZ20!

Since 1994, we’ve chilled out to the sounds of AZ on the airwaves every Sunday night. WithAZ20, you’ll be able to catch some of Perth’s best in local ambient, experimental and electronic music.

+ Furchick
+ Sacred Flower Union
+ Craig McElhinney
+ Ambient Zone DJs
+ Strasarbs (DJ Set)

Plus trippy visual projections and snacks from Lil Tortilla Boi.

Get deep in the zone with AZ20!

pERTH IDM: Lower Spectrum

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foUnd lOCAl iDm….

pERTH elec:tronicA


Video Premiere: Lower Spectrum – Khlever


…listen to the EP on the snazzy bandcamp player…

Deep laced vibrations, warm analogue colours and aural
synthesis is constructed and deconstructed in the complex
sonic architectural formations of Lower Spectrum’s latest
EP offering, titled Traces. The kaleidoscopic signature sound
ebbs and flows from multi-layered, subtle textures to
explosive bass laden rhythms that reveal a culmination of
unique compositions and absorbing aesthetics.

Drawing detail into infectious hooks and motifs, Lower
Spectrum proves that music production can contain the
grand complexity of a film score and still be suitable for
the dance floor. From the swelling orchestral rise of the
pulsating single, Khlever, to the grandoise gospel
submersion of Glimmer, Traces reveals an exciting
unpredictable sound difficult to pin down.


released 18 July 2014

All music produced by Ned Beckley
Mastering by Andrei Eremin
Artwork by Tom Muller
P & C by Zero Through Nin

You can buy his EP HERE, and you can catch Lower Spectrum launching Traces at one of the following dates:

Sat 9 Aug – The Bird, Perth

Fri 15 Aug – Flyrite, Perth: RTRFM Radiothon Launch Party on August 15 (details HERE).

Sat 16 Aug – The Toff In Town, Melbourne

Sep 10-12 – BIGSOUND, Brisbane

Follow Lower Spectrum on FACEBOOK // WEBSITE


Download Aeriae’s ‘Snuck’ from Headspace Severed Heads tribute album

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‘Fresh from one of our fav Aussie Electronica labels.’

In the lead-up to the imminent release of Aeriae‘s long-awaited second album Victris, Clan Analogue have made available for free downloadAeriae‘s track ‘Snuck’ from the Headspace Severed Heads tribute album originally released in 2012.

Download ‘Snuck’ from Clan Analogue’s Soundcloud page

Aeriae is Sydney-based electronic composer and producer Wade Clarke. His grandfather was an engineer and almost-concert pianist, and Wade grew up playing the piano by ear. Aeriae’s novel electronic music aesthetic is informed as much by Warp figureheads like Autechre as by classical music and 80s electronic film scores like Tron and Escape From New York. Wade’s other involvements include writing, reviewing, Interactive Fiction, illustration and the Apple II.


Aeriae‘s second album Victris will be released on August the 4th, on Clan Analogue Recordings.


[new release] Bombatronic LP – exclusive at junodownload

Release: Bombatronic
catalog#: LRRD17BOM01
format: LP – digital
label: Little Rascal Records
release date: 14-07-2014

Fresh and Exclusive [NEW RELEASE] at junodownload:

more info/links here

Get ready for full spectrum online digital release coming soon with complementry local launch party featuring Tom Bomba, other ‘little rascals’ and emerging artists!

[NEW RELEASE] LRRD16_Grow_Food_Not_Lawns_Dub

LRRD16_Grow_Food_Not_Lawns_Dub. >> Check out this link for more FREE info, music and resources!

Inspired by Permaculture, Urban Farming, Gardening and the Fertile Revolution. This dub-techno-steppa release is designed to promote the evolving and ecologically important Grow Food Not Lawns movement. Heavy steppas may not be everyones ideal gardening music, whilst to some they are the perfect stomping, pyschedelic, digging soundtrack – the intention is there. Like an ever producing garden bed, the dub music emerges, builds, undulates and grows to deliver to you edible sonic and musical resources.

(BBE 882i to Cassette, Versions)



‘where we’ve come from’ EP | Little Rascal Records

‘where we’ve come from’ EP | Little Rascal Records.

“Been a long time coming! Keen to keep rolling them out this year and from here on! After much time designing and building LRRecords Studio, having a beautiful baby girl, ‘Ruby Rascal’ and working out a unique relationship with the AsperGirl I love…

Spiral Soundsystem releases some dubwise tunes!~ :)”

– ‘little rascal’


click EP cover art to link to our for FREE or Name Your Price downloads in almost all digital formats.

The release will also be available as a commercial release shortly at junodownload and all our digital online retailers.

Buy Little Rascal releases at Juno Download

and FREE download at our netlabel catalog at:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

SPIRAL SOUNDSYSTEM – ‘where we’ve come from’ EP

catalog #: LRRD120113EP

track listing:

No War Steppa

Progressing to the Future

Where we’ve come from (where are we going?)

Kava Dub


Spiral Soundsystem third EP release on his own label Little Rascal Records brings forward thinking dubwise electronic music productions. Each track showcases a special message for all listeners to ponder and be engaged in.

Track one, No War Steppa presents an excerpt from the speech given by Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project ( It is a warning for humanity to not bring weapons to space or in any present and future cosmic endeavours by humans from Earth.

Track two is a remix version of an older unreleased spiral soundsystem track, TV Beats. The remix also uses samples from an even older track taken from debut LP ‘Welcome To The Spiral Soundsystem’, 2002. The track prompts the listener to be ‘progressive to the future’ with an open mind.

Track three samples permaculture pioneer, Bill Mollisson from the CD, Funding the Revolution recorded in Perth, WA in 1985 by Jeff Nugent. Bill is talking about Information Technology, spades and economic strategies for change and the urgent need to act. Sit back and listen, but don’t sit for long, You are needed in the revolution! For more Bill Mollisson audio and permaculture info, go to:

Track four is a previously unreleased track made with LOVE and a touch of the intoxicating and muddy drink Kava. Produced in Cairns, Far North Queensland. “The message is in the music”.

LRRecords can also make quality, exclusive, custom and personalised cassette tapes of the EP for a special price. Please contact me personally for hard-copy EP on cassette.


Thankyou for listening – ENJOY!,

Brett Caporn,


Llyphon – “Cocosanko” EP – get it FREE read set description! by DubKraft Records on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free

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Llyphon – “Cocosanko” EP – get it FREE read set description! by DubKraft Records on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free.

‘good zoning EP – unique ideas here, mellow sounds and vibes – good promo idea’ – rascal recommended…

  Llyphon – “Cocosanko” EP – get it FREE read set description! by DubKraft Records

Usurper of Modern Medicine

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Grill Washington Christ by Usurper of ModernMedicine

These guys are really cool. Great bass player action – much appreciated. ‘rascal recommended’ :)

Injured Ninja and Co.

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We loved the Injured Ninja and Co. gig at Mojos in North Fremantle last friday!! Wow some really cool bands that the ‘little rascal’ is really diggin’ lately- So we gonna post some of our favourite tracks from these local peeps: check it:

Fallopian Tube Screamer by Injured Ninja

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