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LRRecords Studio – pics up! Studio Open!

 LRR studio

from ‘littlerascal':

Righto Folks – here it is…! – some pics of the ‘little rascal’ studio..Its a humble affair, but it sure works well! Link to our flickr gallery to view pictures of the build progress..

note: As you can see in the pics, I have yet to give the studio a pro paint job..Besides this and installing permanent lighting this week (temporarily using lamps), and some skirting boards – every thing is done.. I figured” Lets just set up the gear and make some noise!! its the last quarter of 2012!! I don’t need the paint job and the skirting boards done to make good music, they can wait. I do plan to install an adjustable (use when needed) vocal booth soon…

So its time to get into making and releasing some music....

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LRRecords Studio – COMING SOON!!

Pictures of the new studio coming soon!! Will post links to them a.s.a.p.
Fresh tunes from ‘little rascal’ Spiral Soundsystem, Jerry Mane, DJ BlitZ, Dub Rascals Volume 3 and more coming soon!!

‘little rascal’ – Brett Caporn

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[event] Boomtick – MAJOR BASS

Gunna try make this one! Some major players — BOOM ! -‘rascal recommended’

shit yeah, hell yeah

…below copy from here: Boomtick – MAJOR BASS.


Saturday 21 July 2012

VillaDoors open 10pm

Boomtick’s midyear mini-fest was a beautiful thing. In 8 years we had mad great times, a lot of them, but the truth is…well, we move with the times and we need something bigger than Major Break.


You feel us?

And we’re rolling MAJOR BASS out in 2012 with the best of the best:


Yeah, you feel that.

All hail the Godfather of breakbeat, Rennie Pilgrem. One of the last remaining stand of producer/remixer/DJ, Rennie Pilgrem was at the crest of the rave explosion 20 years ago and a (if not the) pioneer of the nu-breaks sound...

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NEW RELEASES AT JUNODOWNLOAD – ‘rascal recommended’


– ‘rascal recommended’

The Flood by 4thstory on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download.



Central Station Australia

Deekline/Ed Solo feat Christiana Nicola


– mostly dubstep/grime releases recommended this week – enjoy!

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Happy New Year…!

Happy New Year friends, fans, affiliates and families of LRRecords and to those to discover LRRecords in 2012….! If ya staying home for News Year Eve and your in need of some well wikid DJ mixes for ya stezzas. Download, stream and share LRRecords @

Direct Links:

cheers and dub bless :)

‘little rascal’

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Perth Dance Music Awards Party this Sunday « Perth Dance Music Awards

Perth Dance Music Awards Party this Sunday « Perth Dance Music Awards.

Summer has finally arrived, and what better way to kick-off the coming sun filled months than with a celebration! Come down for a beer and a boogie as we recognise the best and brightest of 2011 at the Perth Dance Music Awards this Sunday the 11th December.

The excitement begins from 3pm in the cool, lush beer garden at The Court Hotel with Dart and Blend undertaking hosting duties and local talentDevo, Mono Lisa, Declan, Ru-Kasu, Richard Lee, Nyquist Freqs and Rousa showcasing their skills and spinning tunes until MIDNIGHT!

As if all this wasn’t elating enough, entry is free and there will also be some fantastic prizes given away...

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