Forests for Life – Save Western Australian Native Forests

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Source: Forests for Life – Save Western Australian Native Forests


The karri, jarrah, tuart and tingle forests are the heart of Australia’s South West. Western Australians love them and want to see them protected.

Protecting native forests, ensuring their health and vitality, supporting sustainable forest enterprises and transitioning the timber industry will bring tremendous environmental, social and economic benefits to the South West and the whole of Western Australia.

For many years we have been told that forest protection is in conflict with economic prosperity and employment. But as you’ll see, that is not the case. The timber industry is not profitable and relies on our taxes to stay afloat. Mills are closing and workers are losing their jobs. A well managed transition is overdue and its time has come.

We welcome your support and involvement as we put the FORESTS FOR LIFE plan into action. On this site you will discover what’s happening right now in the forests, what we need to do about it and how we can create hundreds of jobs, grow our own timber and deliver profound environmental benefits.

We encourage you to sign up, contact us, share the information and donate. Together we can make this happen!

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First post for year is one of critical importance to all upon Earth whom wish to make it a beautiful place for all creatures, and those whom understand the many benefits in keeping our remaining forests standing….



You can make a difference. There are various ways. Come to camp, get involved at home, or take action online for the cockatoos.


Forest Threnody by John Austin

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A video dealing with Western Australian forest issues made from scans of still black and white images made between 1994 and 2013

Forest Threnody from John Austin on Vimeo.

STOP the destruction of our forests!!

What’s happening in our forests?

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Our karri and jarrah forests are still being logged despite the industry continually running at a loss. As taxpayers we are paying to see our forests destroyed. Over 80% of the wood from our forests ends up as firewood, woodchips and railway sleepers. Our forests are worth more as habitat for wildlife, carbon stores and community heritage.

To help save the forests from stupid destruction and be smart about economics and protecting the integrity of the forests future and yours (all of us), go here to find out more:


‘Forest Freind and Protector Jess Bekerling wrote about the economics of it all’ :

This is Jess’ letter:

Dear editor,

The recent report on the carbon values of the south-west forests offers real opportunities. The research by ANU and The Australia Institute shows that by protecting our forests and selling the carbon credits, we could earn millions of dollars every year.

Despite what the Institute of Foresters would have us believe, we can be confident that these sorts of credits will be in demand as a part of either Tony Abbott’s ‘direct action’ approach on climate change mitigation, or under Julia Gillard’s price on carbon scheme.

Importantly for south-west towns, it gives us the opportunity to create employment on the ground in forest management – in areas such as dieback control, weed and feral animal management – promote resilient economies in regional areas, protect habitat for our threatened species and earn millions every year, by protecting the forests.

FPC’s recent comment that this would ‘devastate’ Manjimup, Pemberton, Greenbushes and Nannup is an insult to the intelligence and creativity of locals. Just as Denmark and Walpole diversified after logging left our communities, and Albany grew after whaling stopped there, these four towns will grow and prosper. Plantations and farm forestry will benefit immediately by the removal of unfair competition and forest management and eco-tourism opportunities will increase.

This is a way forward that will provide certainty to workers and communities, and protect what’s left of our native forests. It is a classic win win solution.

Yours sincerely,

Jess Beckerling


If you are a West Australian that wants to help make a difference >>> show your support and pledge:

WIN for the Earth >> Loss for the Earth Fukerz

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Today, we have peace in Tasmania’s forests.

After decades of negotiation and conflict, we are able to announce that an historic agreement has been reached between environmental groups and the logging industry.

This agreement will see more that half a million hectares of high conservation value native forest protected, including iconic areas such as the Styx, Weld, Tarkine and Blue Tier. We have more for you on that here.

This landmark new level of protection is not yet fully realised; but we expect that Tasmania’s Parliament will do the right thing and pass it without any roadblocks.

A great thing has happened for our forests today, and for all people who value them as they stand. This could not have happened without your support and the work thousands of activists in Tasmania and across Australia.

Thank you.

Lyndon Scheiders
National Campaigns Director
The Wilderness Society