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About DeliRadio & DeliRadio Concert Network

DeliRadio is the leading streaming radio platform that “spins” touring artists in the cities and towns where they have upcoming concerts.

For musicians, clubs and promoters, DeliRadio has quickly become an essential channel for connecting with local music lovers and driving ticket sales ahead of events. Listeners worldwide can stream their local music scene, and any artist can join DeliRadio – all free of charge. Artists are in 100% control over songs are available for streaming.

The DeliRadio platform powers DeliRadio Concert Network: the network of thousands of venues and festival lineups  — transformed into streaming radio stations. Listen to the calendar for LA’s iconic Roxy Theatre onRoxy Radio, or Wakarusa Music Festival’s lineup on Wakarusa Radio.

Visit or to tune into your favorite local music spot now.

‘rascal recommends’ – I found this a great way to find and share new music, as well as check out whats happening at different venues around the world, which has it’s many benefits to punters, music lovers and artists alike! – I found awesome EDM act from New York, NY, USA, Break Science, currently having a good listen and now posting the widget…how bout that :)


The 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival

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‘some great music events/festivals going on in Perth this winter’

The 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival.

An exciting landscape of new music and sound art practice from around the world, Australia and WA. Ten days of concerts, installations, radio projects, workshops and conference



Tura New Music’s flagship project The 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival presents an exciting landscape of new music and sound art practice from around the world, Australia and WA. This kaleidoscope of expression via the medium of sound will take audiences on a unique and captivating journey – one that is expansive, ear opening and enriching. This year’s Festival, run in parallel with the 2013 International Computer Music Conference, focuses on new technologies and new ways to explore old technologies. With its hub in the Perth Cultural Centre and its second weekend celebrating Fremantle’s connection with the ocean, Totally Huge brings a uniquely Western Australian flavour to an international gathering. We wholeheartedly thank all our partners and congratulate all the artists for their commitment and energy. On their behalf we invite you to seize this rare opportunity and dive into a captivating ocean of sound.