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 LRR studio

from ‘littlerascal':

Righto Folks – here it is…! – some pics of the ‘little rascal’ studio..Its a humble affair, but it sure works well! Link to our flickr gallery to view pictures of the build progress..

note: As you can see in the pics, I have yet to give the studio a pro paint job..Besides this and installing permanent lighting this week (temporarily using lamps), and some skirting boards – every thing is done.. I figured” Lets just set up the gear and make some noise!! its the last quarter of 2012!! I don’t need the paint job and the skirting boards done to make good music, they can wait. I do plan to install an adjustable (use when needed) vocal booth soon…

So its time to get into making and releasing some music..from the ‘littlerascal’, other artists on LRRecords and more! …stay tuned.

Will also get round to updating a studio page at .

BASIC SUMMARY: Built into the inside of  a typical Aussie Colorbond back-yard shed , the LRRecords studio is a one room, large control room type setup which includes a PA, dj table setup, drum machines and samplers, electronic drums, pro soffit mounted monitor speakers, pro vocal microphones and bass rig. We utilise both digital and analog recording gear, software,  hardware and FX. For detailed list of gear go here and to contact us regarding studio bookings and biz:


Thankyou to my beautiful family, Casey, Ruby and pets for supporting & putting up with me – planning, building and now playing in the ‘littlerascal’ studio, trying best to be living my dream as well as trying my best to be a good daddy, carer and partner! Thankyou T.Froggy & G.Froggy for being supportive, tolerant and loving to me and the studio and for the back shed to convert into a music recording studio !! Thankyou to our nieghbour and official ‘tradie’ GROGGY for helping with building the main building and the lend of a few crucial tools! Thanks dad for some advice and much needed trailer,  timber and excellent 16mm gyprock wall sheets. Thanks to all those that also donated other bits of material, equipment and tools to help build this studio. A special  BIG UPS to sista-in-beats Skahna for some excellent studio donations and for living the dream in Melbs. Thankyou to all other studio builders using the internet to share valuable experience, information, resources and pictures, especially those at John Sayers’ Recording Studio Design Forum. Thanks google sketchup software for helping me design and dream and plan the studio (for prob a little too long). Thanks Quokka Classifieds Newspaper for providing the adverts to the bargains I found almost every thursday for a whole summer of material collecting. Thankyou to all those in the future whom will use, visit and enjoy the studio and those whom will promote it..Thanks to those friends, family and fans that have been following this project with interest – Thanks to all those that have faith in the ‘little rascal’.

[event] One month to go!! – DELIVERANCH

Hey Guys! Make sure you check out Australia’s most anticipated, limited attendance boutique bass party, Deliverance Festival – featuring LRR’s very own SK Mode :)

With 600 PRE SALE ONLY tickets, Held in a private mountain location surrounded by national parks, 7 Exclusive International Acts from all over the globe, and an epic local line-up, Funktion One Sound, Workshops, amazing Décor and a full Market Space this event will sell out and is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime event for anyone who attends.

For Ticket Sales, full event information, and our spectacular line-up, visit our website –

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Dear friends across Australia

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Our government is about to pass a clever climate bill — it will cut carbon emissions and get polluters to pay. But big businesses, backed by Rupert Murdoch, are trying to kill it.

The carbon pricing law is a win-win measure — it will charge polluters to generate more resources for working families, and help us catch up with the rest of the world in the clean economy race. But Murdoch’s media megaphone has teamed up with a $10 million multinational advertising campaign to sway public opinion against the bill and scare our MPs. Now, it’s up to us to turn the tide and show our MPs that the law has massive support before the vote.

Together our voices are more powerful than money — if enough of us join this urgent call we can show our MPs that Australians support the bill and push them to act. Sign the urgent petition to back the carbon price and share it with everyone — when we reach 20,000 signatures, we’ll deliver it to MPs and run inspiring radio ads on popular radio shows to counter the skewed propaganda:

We are all under threat from climate change — including the droughts and storms that cause bush fires, floods and failed harvests. But the carbon price would help insulate our economy and communities from future risks. It will make polluting companies pay, encouraging them to become more efficient while funding technologies of the future and increasing support to the most needy. Yet Murdoch — who has a long history of supporting climate denial — has joined with mining companies to spread wild predictions of job losses and economic doom.

Australia has been lagging behind many nations on climate action — instead of committing to cut emissions, we proposed an increase emission by 8% at Kyoto, and we continue to be the world’s biggest rich country polluters per capita. With this proposal we would join countries like Denmark, Sweden, Costa Rica, parts of China, as well as many US states who have already introduced carbon-pricing, and we would turn Australia from a global pariah to a global good example.

But it is up to the MPs to pass this critical bill, and they are under serious pressure from industry lobbyists. We can turn this around and give them the support they need to face down the pollution profiteers and champion a new green economy with climate solutions. Let’s give them our support now and ask our friends to do the same:

Politicians and businesses often think about short-term gains, when long-term action is needed. When our people-powered movement counters these tendencies and offers a clear vision of the future we want, we can tip the balance and bring out the best in our leaders. Let’s shore up our MPs resolve, join the greatest global visionaries and move towards the global climate deal the world needs.

With hope,

Alex, Ben, Stephanie, Emma, Giulia, Carol, Ricken, and the whole Avaaz team.


Murdoch’s campaign against the carbon price (SMH)

Australia plans to impose carbon price on worst polluters (BBC)

Industry push to wipe out carbon price (The Age)

Australia overtakes U.S. in per capita carbon emissions (Bloomberg)

David Cameron supports Australian carbon price (The Telegraph)

China trialling carbon trading (SMH) is a 9-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making. (“Avaaz” means “voice” or “song” in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 13 countries on 4 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz’s biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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New release from Westernsynthetics

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We have always found good dub, idm, anarchism and general deep dub-wise trickery from Westernsynthetics and the folk at Sub Continental Dub, and always keen to promote good Australian music from forward thinking artists >>> BIG UPS and all tha dub tya….check it:


No Holiday is released in celebration of Sydney Producer Westernsynthetics performing at the 2011 Outlook Festival. Available exclusively on Beatport and including a free download giveaway

No Holiday is the follow up EP to the acclaimed May Day Radio album. Recorded in late 2010 at a beach front cottage in the surreal surroundings of Kiama, Southern New South Wales, Australia, the EP contains two fresh cuts clearly displaying the signatory Westernsynthetics aesthetic.

KMADMG (Kiama Dreaming) is a pulsating techno slammer that tips its hat to the roots of dubstep. It contains the familiar yet unique Westernsynthetics stamp of production, with use of analogue FX and layered soundscapes over a huge kick drum. Extreme low sub bass frequencies here!

Title track No Holiday experiments with drone and melodic atmospheres to propel complex drum patterns and layered snares over the thick bass line. No Holiday dabbles with the old school rave genre while morphing through complex progressions and nuanced melodic phrasing.

“Westernsynthetics has been one of the most prominent artists flying the dubstep flag in Australia for some time now”
Resident Advisor

“One of the first producers on the Australian dubstep scene when the term barely existed”
Street Press Australia

“It is clear his sound is among the countries most original”
Cyclic Defrost

Westernsynthetics will be the first Australian to perform at Croatia’s Outlook Festival this September 2011. Quoted as “the best four days of bass music in Europe, if not the world” by Resident Advisor, Outlook is the largest dubstep & soundsystem culture festival in Europe. With a mammoth line up from the most cutting edge and vibrant electronic music scenes around today Westernsynthetics will be performing alongside the likes of Jamie XX, Benga, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Kode 9, Foreign Beggars and many more, with an expected audience of 10,000 people.

In early 2011 Westernsynthetics released his debut album May Day Radio. Sydney radio station FBI awarded it the highly coveted Sunset Album of the Week. This album also received excellent reviews with spins & rotation across Australian and international radio.

In 2009 Westernsynthetics was nominated for ‘Best Instrumental Composition’ category in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards for his debut 12” LP Engine No. 999.

No Holiday, May Day Radio and Engine No. 999 are released on Sub Continental Dub and distributed internationally by renowned UK imprint Cargo Records.

No Holiday is exclusively available on Beatport

Available all other digital retailers 1st July 2011



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