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Check out these awesome bangers I’ve been loving this week!!




Freedom In Dub

VP Jamaica

054645 705660

11 August, 2017



Freedom In Dub on Spotify





Prayer I / II

Black Acre


4 August, 2017



Prayer I / II on Spotify




VindataSkrillex & NSTASIA



8 August, 2017

Trap/Future Bass


Favor on Spotify



Enjoy :)



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Been trawlin thru the juno dnb recommendations for August and have made a  special selection – ‘rascal recommended’

Jungle legends really don’t come any bigger than Ray Keith. Dread founder and all round agenda-setter, here we find him unleashing some long-awaited originals. “Greedy Me” takes a well-known vocal and lays it down gracefully over a rush-fuelled full throttle breakbeat groove. “Going In Hard” contrasts this completely with industrial strength and halfsteps that wouldn’t go amiss on Exit...
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Satellite TV Software

Access 78 countries TV Stations.

More than 1 Million Happy users are enjoying 3.000 TV channels , Let our Super Satellite TV software bring you a new whole life , A door to new entertainment!

You don’t need to worry and find yourself get bored what to watch! an access to more than 3.000 TV channels from 78 different countries will make your life different than before ALL TV CHANNEL FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD

HotsatelliteTV.com is a company focusing on providing quality and affordable multimedia solutions to our clients all over the world. We use high-tech equipment and new technologies to broadcast popular events online on the Internet.

Our Service:

– Connects you directly with worldwide live radios and TV streams.
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– Has all y...

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Promoting reviews and music bargains at affiliate partner JUNO:

The Summer Sale is here with up to 90% off over records and CDs. Also featured this week are digital Sample Packs and an in-depth review of the 10 Best Decks and Controllers by our pros at Juno Plus.

If your looking into buying DJ Products this time of year, please support LRRecords by buying from JUNO.

Or if your looking to buy more music as hardcopy vinyl and cds:

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 Free VST PLugins, Free Synth Plugins, Free PC Music Plugins, Mac, at Pluginboutique.com

 Great selection of plugins here folks. Download some today for the new LRR Studio…- ‘rascal recommended’


Pluginboutique.com Launch new Free Plugins Area!

Pluginboutique.com,  Loopmasters sister  website dedicated to selling music software and plugins online has just released a brand new custom area dedicated to sourcing the best free plugins for producers worldwide!

Featuring all types of plugins including Bit Crushers, Chorus, Delay, Filters, Distortion, EQ, Drum Machines, Flangers, Gates, Limiters, Phasers, Modulators, Synths, Mastering plugins and much more including charts to show you the most downloaded and top rated.

Once you are signed up at the site you simply select the plugins you want and they are added to your account to download, and whats more you will also be notif...

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