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Horizon EP (2)

Near Edge Became introduced to Drum and Bass in the early 2000s, Drum and bass arena by Andy C was the first drum and bass mix cd he bought and instantly became hooked. He then started DJing at mates places as soon as he could, running a pair of Pioneer Turntables that he bought of a mate, he started building his vinyl collection and honing his mixing skills, by the end of the decade, not many pubs or clubs were running vinyl turntables – so he had to sell off his vinyl and the turntables to keep up with the ever growing technology.


He got his First gig as DJ Signal at Rise nightclub in 2010 then went on to DJ under the Alias Signal Fire at Mills Culture Clash at Newport Hotel, he then played at Liquid lounge for a number of gigs. He has then since DJ’d at Rosemount Hotel in 459 bar and more recently Babushka Bar and Bar 120 on support for internationals DJ Backley and Hizzleguy. On the production front he has selected a new Alias to release music under as Near Edge, not to be confused with the artist Signal.


His track Hunter on the Rolling Rascals Volume 1 Compilation was his first official release out on Little Rascal Records, Near Edge is now releasing his first Debut EP, Horizon.


Album Description:
Horizon, Near Edge’s Debut EP takes you from atmospheric tracks to deep and dark rollers showing the diversty of his production skills. Coming in at only 3 tracks long it starts off taking the listener on a relaxing journey with the title track, “Horizon”. Then into hard hitting dark roller terrority with “Ragnarok”, then finishes off  with “You know This” a liquid funk influenced track.


FORTHCOMING: 26/02/2018