Atomic Spectre – JILTED HOODZ


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01 – Atomic Spectre
(Future Jungle) – 6:16

02 – Atomic Spectre (Dub) – 4:34

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release date: 17/11/2014



Description: Get
down with Australian producing duo Jilted Hoodz as they drop
their second EP release titled ‘Atomic Spectre’ with Little
Rascal Records, who open a portal to these bottom heavy sounds
from the Intergalactic Underground. Enter into a spacey bass
matrix of original Future Jungle, accompanied by a Dubstep
interpretation of the Atomic Spectre track, flipping the switch
on the B-Side.

Jilted Hoodz warp the
wave forms with uniquely
twisted fat track-matter. Witness the sickness as these
underground sounds rise to the digital surface. Multidimensional
beats are plucked from the cosmos, falling like raindrops on Bass
crops. The Jilted Hoodz signature ‘feel good darkness’ and
glitched-out, fat and chunky sounds, are characterised by bottom
heavy combinations of obese futuristic beats, and beasty bass

These elements are often
contrasted by hauntingly
beautiful melodics, and experimental textures. Get back to
Bass-sick instincts with this Future Jungle/ Dubstep EP ‘Atomic
Spectre’ produced by local producers and beat n bass agents –

Jilted Hoodz.

and produced by Rosie Paton and Anthony Baxter. 

by Darren Ziesing. 

by Jake Rose @ Matik Design. 

Little Rascal Records, 2014.

Jilted Hoodz on SoundCloud:-

…please feel free to

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AirIt :: Electronic :: Jilted Hoodz – Atomic Spectre (Future Jungle)

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Hoodz’s EP Atomic Spectre is a two track affair that leaves
listener wanting more. There’s a story in the music of Jilted
Hoodz, and it is not always linear. The twists and turns of the music,
diving and strutting, Jilted Hoodz give street beats for space travel.

is easy to hear the composition in the Atomic Spectre tracks.
There’s flavours of hip hop meeting classical. In parts
there’s a memory of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring
friends with Aphex Twin and Orbital.

Hoodz’s beats on Atomic Spectre make the feet and hips move,
while the music puts a flow into the shoulders while dancing. Songs for
the night time, would be awesome with a light show and no inhibitions.”

Aaron Monopoli


For their second EP for Little Rascal records, Australian heroes Jilted
Hoodz present a trip into what they describe as “future jungle”. In the
case of “Atomic Spectre (Future Jungle)”, that means classic ’90s
tech-step beats pitched down to breakbeat tempo, with creepy pianos,
sludgy bass, classic choral samples and thrusting dread bass liberally
peppered atop. It’s a curious concoction, but strangely attractive.
Flip for “Atomic Spectre (Dub)”, a delay-heavy trip into late night
dubstep territory with paranoid effects, discordant vocal samples and
intense computer vocals aplenty. It’s a little less hectic than the
(admittedly blazed) A-side, but no less pungent.

By junoplus