MAURI – Sweep Generator – KVITNU

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>>> more progressive electronica from Mauri on KVITNU >>>

In The Wake Of The Dark Earth

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drowning in drone…

D A R F D H S - In The Wake Of The Dark Earth (Front Cover)
30 March, 2015
Field has excelled at representing the more reflective side of electronic music, and Earth is a fitting celebration of the Dutch label’s modus operandi. The work of Swedish duo Michel Isorinne and Jonas Ronnberg, this is a swirling, immersive album. By turns eerie and mysterious – check the 12-minute long “White Sea – Black Sea” – contemplative and majestic (“. Drowned In Lake Ladoga” and “Down The River Volchov”), the album is the very antithesis of elevator ambience. Clearly, this duo’s interpretation of the term is radically different, as the reflective tones of “Offerings to Njord” and the progression from glitchy abstraction into glorious keys on “Slave Merchants In Aldeigjubdorg” so effortlessly demonstrate.

Chantry / The Villain 7 Inch by Mt. Mountain

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Gotta love home grown West-Oz psyche-rock >>> ‘rascal recommended’