[NEW RELEASE] LRRecords – Atomic Spectre by Jilted Hoodz

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01 – Atomic Spectre (Future Jungle) – 6:16

02 – Atomic Spectre (Dub) – 4:34

catalog # LRRD18

release date: 17/11/2014

(exclusive at junodownload for limited time)


Get down with Australian producing duo Jilted Hoodz as they drop their
second EP release titled ‘Atomic Spectre’ with Little Rascal Records, who
open a portal to these bottom heavy sounds from the Intergalactic Underground.
Enter into a spacey bass matrix of original Future Jungle, accompanied by a
Dubstep interpretation of the Atomic Spectre track, flipping the switch on the
Jilted Hoodz warp the wave forms with uniquely twisted fat track-matter.
Witness the sickness as these underground sounds rise to the digital surface.
Multidimensional beats are plucked from the cosmos, falling like raindrops on
Bass crops.
The Jilted Hoodz signature ‘feel good darkness’ and glitched-out, fat and
chunky sounds, are characterised by bottom heavy combinations of obese
futuristic beats, and beasty bass articulations. These elements are often
contrasted by hauntingly beautiful melodics, and experimental textures.
Get back to Bass-sick instincts with this Future Jungle/ Dubstep EP ‘Atomic
Spectre’ produced by local producers and beat n bass agents – Jilted Hoodz.

Jilted Hoodz on SoundCloud:https://soundcloud.com/jilted

Preview Atomic Spectre (Future Jungle) on youtube >>>


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JahYu – Lineage Of The Sun (Full Album) FREE DOWNLOAD

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…>> more progressive dub goodness from one of our fav labels = ‘rascal recommended’

FREE DOWNLOAD @ www.steppas.com

JahYu: the Korean word for ‘freedom’, this is an artist whose music is rooted in the notion of freedom, freedom of sound, freedom of expression, freedom from mind and freedom of the soul. JahYu uses his creative freedom to connect directly with his ancestors and create music that somehow transports the listener through time and space. Oriental flute and string melodies slide effortlessly amongst powerful roots-based dubstep, creating a sound that is unique and full of flavour. This enigmatic Korean-German producer blends both sides of his heritage, the digital steppers that emerged from Europe in the 1990’s alongside the traditional oriental music of his mother’s homeland, Korea, augmented by a deeper exploration of contemporary bass music. It is said that JahYu’s family descend from the same lineage of Go Jumong, the founder of the great Goguryeo Kingdom of the Far East, a people renown for their ancestral worship and unique musical expression. Goguryeo music was even adopted as official court music for the powerful Sui and Tang dynasties of China, many times throughout history these Chinese dynasties were at war with Goguryeo, however, the music of the enemy, Goguryeo, was still able to flourish in China and has been consistently performed across Asia for hundreds of years. Perhaps this explains the majestic qualities of JahYu’s music. JahYu’s productions provide us with the opportunity to discover our ancestral roots through music. Roots music is not a sound, it is a feeling and a feeling that JahYu is able to evoke with profound intensity.

FREE DOWNLOAD: www.steppas.com/steprec/product/j…neage-of-the-sun/

FOLLOW JAHYU: @jahyu | www.facebook.com/jahyu.warrior

FOLLOW STEPPAS: @alphasteppa | www.facebook.com/alphasteppa |www.twitter.com/alphasteppa |

www.instagram.com/alphasteppa |www.youtube.com/dubsteppas

JahYu: “A perfect fusion of meditative Eastern instrumentation with 21st century sound-system vibration.” MIXMAG

Track listing:
01. JahYu – Outlaw Basterds
02. JahYu – Pay The Piper
03. JahYu – Relief For The Poor
04. JahYu – Legacy
05. JahYu – Three Legged Crow
06. JahYu – Tal Joom
07. JahYu – Shamanic Dance
08. JahYu – Shakra
09. JahYu – Humble-Minded
10. JahYu – Lion Paw
11. JahYu – Tree Of Life
12. JahYu – Hallasan
13. JahYu – Imagine
14. JahYu – Taiko
15. JahYu – Inner Truth
16. JahYu – Reincarnation Dub
17. JahYu – Heart Sutra

Released by:Steppas Records

Release/catalogue number:ASFREE002

Release date:7 November 2014

…getting Jilted.

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We’ll be getting Jilted soon with an awesome release from Jilted Hoodz…




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Garuda's Travels

Garuda’s Travels

Absorbing customs cultures on Garuda’s turf in Indonesia Cambodia Thailand Malaysia, discovering … path to Redemption without a travel guide !/strong

Product Description
Alcohol, drugs, violence, and insanity. Everything you need in proper travel writing but almost never get. – Jake Needham, author of THE BIG MANGO and seven other bestselling Asian crime novels.Join this journey absorbing customs and cultures on Garuda’s turf  imomn Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia and witnessing historical moments of our time. From Shiite refugees in Madura, pigs running temples in Cambodia, a Bali slaughterhouse, Java’s sex trade in a Surabaya cemetery and Sumbawa’s Pompeii of the East to Thai bombings, rat attack, MH370 in Malaysia, once Garuda books his ticket to South East Asia for a grunge fix, no secret is safe..


Now I know my friend and S.E. Asia a little better! Rickety! – this one coming ‘rascal recommended’

…a friendly green reminder

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Could this green space be compared with Earth?
A perfection bourgeois revolve around;
Inputs without thought, outputs with scant worth.
Lawns, an abyss to obsess and confound.

A rule of heads amongst a sea of blades.
Each front to yearn for chemicals, oil, water;

Why take care when one could just let forth raids?
Machines and sprays run Mother and father.

But, beneath sod lay a basis for health.
The soil lusts for greenery with substance;

To bear fruit and herb, to wield organic wealth.
Now, till, compost, sow and grow in abundance.

To consume is to produce only pawns,
Urban rebellion, to grow food, not lawns.

To Grow Food, Not Lawns – A Sonnet by Tom Boyden