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About DeliRadio & DeliRadio Concert Network

DeliRadio is the leading streaming radio platform that “spins” touring artists in the cities and towns where they have upcoming concerts.

For musicians, clubs and promoters, DeliRadio has quickly become an essential channel for connecting with local music lovers and driving ticket sales ahead of events. Listeners worldwide can stream their local music scene, and any artist can join DeliRadio – all free of charge. Artists are in 100% control over songs are available for streaming.

The DeliRadio platform powers DeliRadio Concert Network: the network of thousands of venues and festival lineups  — transformed into streaming radio stations. Listen to the calendar for LA’s iconic Roxy Theatre onRoxy Radio, or Wakarusa Music Festival’s lineup on Wakarusa Radio.

Visit or to tune into your favorite local music spot now.

‘rascal recommends’ – I found this a great way to find and share new music, as well as check out whats happening at different venues around the world, which has it’s many benefits to punters, music lovers and artists alike! – I found awesome EDM act from New York, NY, USA, Break Science, currently having a good listen and now posting the widget…how bout that :)



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Love of Cartography – sleepmakeswaves

These guys are making some mesmerizing post-rock music..wowsers >>>>>>>> ‘rascal recommended’

Love of Cartography sleepmakeswaves  New!

we write love songs about delay pedals.


[event] Dusty Fungus & Face Invada @ Funk Club

…these Aussie bastards are smashing their iEDM across the globe…

…be sure to check them out if they are playing near you. You will get progressive and downright dirty grungy electronica, bass, glitch and more…

‘rascal recommended’



Dusty Fungus released digital EP “Toe Jam & Bum Fluff’ on LRRecords in 2011, check it out and get it here:


Face Invada is scheduled to release on LRRecords in 2014, so stay tuned for some dnb/future bass goodness from him. In the meantime check his


[new release] Lion Heart by Jah Red Lion on Soul Island Records

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“Lion Heart” is the third studio release by Jah Red Lion.

Entirely produced in NZ, the bi-lingual EP features some of the country’s heaviest reggae producers and incorporates all spectrums of the genre from Roots Dancehall to Digital Dub.

Working with the likes of Dub Terminator, Reality Chant, and High Stakes Productions, Jah Red Lion says the EP is a reflection of his values; Love, Pride and Fearlessness, “just like a lion’s heart”. Lion heart EP is out now on digital stores.


‘rascal recommends’

Soul Island is a pretty dubwise label created by Dub Terminator from New Zealand check out the releases on itunes:

pERTH IDM: Lower Spectrum

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foUnd lOCAl iDm….

pERTH elec:tronicA


Video Premiere: Lower Spectrum – Khlever


…listen to the EP on the snazzy bandcamp player…

Deep laced vibrations, warm analogue colours and aural
synthesis is constructed and deconstructed in the complex
sonic architectural formations of Lower Spectrum’s latest
EP offering, titled Traces. The kaleidoscopic signature sound
ebbs and flows from multi-layered, subtle textures to
explosive bass laden rhythms that reveal a culmination of
unique compositions and absorbing aesthetics.

Drawing detail into infectious hooks and motifs, Lower
Spectrum proves that music production can contain the
grand complexity of a film score and still be suitable for
the dance floor. From the swelling orchestral rise of the
pulsating single, Khlever, to the grandoise gospel
submersion of Glimmer, Traces reveals an exciting
unpredictable sound difficult to pin down.


released 18 July 2014

All music produced by Ned Beckley
Mastering by Andrei Eremin
Artwork by Tom Muller
P & C by Zero Through Nin

You can buy his EP HERE, and you can catch Lower Spectrum launching Traces at one of the following dates:

Sat 9 Aug – The Bird, Perth

Fri 15 Aug – Flyrite, Perth: RTRFM Radiothon Launch Party on August 15 (details HERE).

Sat 16 Aug – The Toff In Town, Melbourne

Sep 10-12 – BIGSOUND, Brisbane

Follow Lower Spectrum on FACEBOOK // WEBSITE


Marine reserve the size of Mexico!

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Right now, the US government is receiving public comments on whether or not to create theworld’s largest Marine Protected Area in the Pacific Ocean. But President Obama is underenormous pressure from a powerful fishing lobby to water down the plan.

We can’t let that happen — majestic whales, turtles and fish stocks are all disappearing. Scientists say the best way to save our oceans is to protect large swaths from exploitation so that marine life can recover. Four years ago, we played a pivotal role persuading the UK government to create a massive marine sanctuary in the Indian Ocean, and the UK Foreign Ministry cited our campaign in its announcement. Now, if we all speak out, we can create a reserve the size of Mexico!

If we send Obama a tidal wave of global public support now, we will empower him to counter opposition and help save our oceans for generations to comeSign the petition below and tell everyone — let’s deliver one million voices before the official consultation closes in days:

The reports are dire: in less than 4 decades, our oceans could be completely fished-out and coral reefs might be dead within our grandchildren’s lifetime! This new plan alone won’t be enough to fix the problem, but it could start turning the tide against global ocean destruction — it will not onlydouble the worldwide oceanic area that is fully protected, but also encourage other governments to follow suit.

Obama says he is willing to use executive action to implement the plan, but a powerful fishing lobby is trying to sink it with misleading propaganda. They say the sanctuary will hurt their business, but 95% of the fishing they’re talking about happens outside of the protected zone.Other interests want to keep the area open for future drilling and mining, which could be disastrous.

The comment period is only open for a few more days, and on August 11th the government will consult with local interest groups in Hawaii to scope out the plan. If we build a million strong global petition now and deliver it straight into the White House and the Hawaii meeting, flood the official consultation with support, and run a poll that shows massive public support near the site, we can drown them out.

With the greatest ownership of ocean in the world, the US now has a tremendous opportunity in the Pacific. Let’s drown out the opposition, and lay the foundation for protecting our oceans from exploitation. Sign the petition below, and forward it to friends and family:

Our oceans are being decimated by a myriad of threats. But time and again Avaaz members have rallied to save our precious marine life. We have helped secure massive ocean sanctuaries before and plans to protect tuna and whales. We can win this!

With hope,

Danny, Luis, Lisa, Andrea, Ricken, Ana Sofia and the whole Avaaz team


Pacific fishing interests oppose Obama’s plan to expand marine reserve (Washington Post)

Several Nations Announce Massive Marine Reserves in the Pacific (National Geographic)

Obama Calls For Major Expansion Of Pacific Ocean Preserve (Law

Mr. Obama’s Ocean Monument (NYTimes)

Various Artists – Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

‘BIG UPS on 10 years of digital dubs at Jahtari netlabel >>> ‘rascal recommended’

Hard to believe, but already 10 years have passed since Jahtari’s simple beginnings as a netlabel in 2004. To celebrate in style we cooked up this highly addictive fourth instalment in the crucial Jahtarian Dubbers series that will run your walkman batteries empty in no time.

Delay experts from all five continents filled this hissy reel with psychedelic dubs, soundsystem grenades and everything inbetween: from Australia to London, from Canada to Shanghai, from South Africa to Scotland – the musical compass always points towards deepness.

All tunes have been baked together at the Jahtari HQ for maximum goodness and to include some extra echos from the future. So don’t miss out on this interplanetary cassette – limited pressing as always!

Cover artwork by Disko 69 /

Monkey Marc – Danger Earth
Pupajim – Nobody Can Stop We (Dub At The Pub Dubplate)
earlyW~orm – The Dub Deal
7ft Soundsystem feat. Mentor Irie – Shut Ya Mounth
El Fata – Good Foundation
disrupt – Chrono Trigger

Jah Screechy – Love We A Deal With

Jahtari Riddim Force – Total Protonic Reversal
Chacha – Black Eyes Stranger
Diggory Kenrick – Stranger Flutes
Rootah – Dancing Chords
Mungo’s Hifi feat. Shanti D – Know Your Roots



[new release] NUMA CREW FEAT DUB FX – Bass Hater – exclusive

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…more goodness from LIONDUB INTERNATIONAL label. ‘rascal recommended’


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OUT NOW on Bandcamp >>> BOMBATRONIC by Tom Bomba on Little Rascal Records >>>


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Been trawlin thru the juno dnb recommendations for August and have made a  special selection – ‘rascal recommended’

Jungle legends really don’t come any bigger than Ray Keith. Dread founder and all round agenda-setter, here we find him unleashing some long-awaited originals. “Greedy Me” takes a well-known vocal and lays it down gracefully over a rush-fuelled full throttle breakbeat groove. “Going In Hard” contrasts this completely with industrial strength and halfsteps that wouldn’t go amiss on Exit. Further on, “Waste Man Dem” is a Dub Phizix-style vocal cut from Ray’s Renegade Live outfit while “Dub 1″ is a turbo charged homage to synths with cool use of a Roberta Flack vocal. Each one of them primed for destruction, it’s clear Ray hasn’t lost his touch.