AS0914 Steppas Records Presents Don Fe [April 2014]

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Steppas Records releases always coming ‘rascal recommended’

Handed to the legendary Channel One Soundsystem in exclusivity over a year ago, Don Fe’s Jericho has been on constant rotation around the globe ever since. Cut to dubplate by Mikey Dread this tune has been securely locked down and spun exclusively as Channel One’s last tune at places such as Notting Hill Carnival, Outlook Festival and many of the soundsystem’s countless international sessions and festival appearances. After a very patient wait Steppas Records are extremely pleased to be able to offer this plate to the world, pressed to 12” vinyl, featuring two new mixes of Jericho and two exclusive cuts of the equally powerful Weep Not.

Beam Up – Divers / Kick Off (7″ vinyl only : pre-order now)

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…gotta love those artists that put dub to vinyl…BIG UPS

Beam Up’s upcoming 7″ vinyl release – ‘rascal recommended’

[DPH012] Sunjaman – Outta Here EP – Dubophonic netlabel

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[DPH012] Sunjaman – Outta Here EP – Dubophonic netlabel.

…more great dub coming from this awesome label >>> ‘rascal recommended’

[DPH012] Sunjaman – Outta Here (EP)


Artist: Sunjaman
Title: Outta Here (EP)
Cat: [DPH012]
Genre: Dubwise / Stepper / Rootstep / Jungle
Country: Greece
Release date: 09-03-2014
CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0

Sunjaman is an upcoming producer from Athens, Greece. Being a musician & bass player himself, he has always been exploring the sound of the bass, trying to travel into new territories on his effort to establish his own sound. On the process of exploring the bass territory, he had joined many bands and created numerous side-projects, from punk to hiphop. Nevertheless, dub has always been his main goal.

Inspired by the originality of roots dub and influenced by the modern dub steppa scene, he began to produce and public his tracks online. He made his debut release in 2013 and continued with many collaborations and releases. This is the first time he collaborates with Dubophonic. The style of Sunjaman’s can’t be described by only one musical genre. It combines many elements of bass music, such as dubstep, jungle, steppa, roots, dubwise. This is eminent in this 7-track EP, consisting of three original tracks and four alternative cuts.

Nuff respect to Northical from the Greek band/soundsystem Kako Synapantima for vocalising “Heavyweight Sound”, as well as Manwel T from Dubkey Records for his version of “Outta Here”.  Big shout out also to Jungle Raiders for a very energetic jungle cut of “Witness the day”. The cover art is credited to Katerina Arvaniti.

[DPH012] Sunjaman: Outta Here
TRACKS: 01 Heavyweight Sound (ft. Northical) // 02 Outta Here // 03 Witness the Day // 04 Heavyweight Sound (Sunjaman Re-Dub) // 05 Outta Here (Manwel T Remix) // 06 Witness The Day (Jungle Raiders Remix) // 07 Witness The Day (Re-Edit)

radio airplay – recommended reads

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