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More great music from the dubbers in Spain, courtesy of Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show – ‘rascal recommended’



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Bass Culture Players ft. Javier Ochoa – We are a Crowd + Dubbing the Crowd


Side A
Javier Ochoa – We Are a Crowd

Side B
Bass Culture Players – Dubbing The Crowd

Mixed by Puppashan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.
Mastered by Oscar Pablos “Ojah” @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.
Produced by Puppashan, Madrid 2013.

Under creative commons license 3.0. Spain

Yes, we are a crowd.

It seems it was yesterday, but it has been more than 12 years since that epic text* that shook european disobedience movement was written, short before Geneva Summit

“They say that they are new, they christen themselves by acronyms: G8, IMF, WB, WTO, NAFTA, FTAA… They cannot fool us, they are the same as those who have come before them: (…) the old world that stopped our assaults and destroyed all stairways to heaven.

Nowadays they have a new empire, they impose new servitudes on the whole globe, they still play the lords and masters of the land and the sea. Once again, we the multitudes rise up against them.”

Yes, we are a crowd. Javier Ochoa has his mind clear and his rethorical questions quickly finds the answer in this track, full of consciousness, pride and (re)assertion

Yes, we are a crowd. We are no longer doubtful. That is what we are: little, young and old, fighting for our rights, armed with our words and bodies.

And our music: derlivered once again by Bass CUlture Players, this time under the Back-A-Yard label. This deep and solid riddm seems tailor-made for the message and vocals of Javier Ochoa. Puppashan complets the work with a penetrating dub splattered with sparks.

And judging by its latest releases, anyone could think that Discoinferno holds on to our time’s pulse. Our time, where doubts, fears and questions transform into affirmation:

Yes, we are a crowd.

* From The Multitudes Of Europe Rising Up Against The Empire.
Wu Ming, Springtime 2001.

more from dubophonic netlabel! – [DPH009] Jennifer Paulos – Revolution

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[DPH009] Jennifer Paulos - Revolution

[DPH009] Jennifer Paulos - Revolution
Artist: Jennifer Paulos
Title: Revolution

Cat: [DPH009]
Genre: Conscious Reggae / Dub
Country: Spain
Release date: 10-11-2013

CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0

After the United Kingdom and France, perhaps the most promising rising force of the Reggae & Dub scene in the European world of vibes is Spain. One of the most talented new artists is without doubt Jennifer Paulos and it is really a pleasure to present her latest work on our netlabel.
Born in Ponferrada, Spain, the Hispano-Swiss-Portuguese artist has started releasing her first works back in 2010 with Hide Side on “Corrupzion in Zion” (2010) and since then she is moving only forwards. The collaborations with the local Spanish artist Dub Presidents, who produced her first album “The trial of the Self” (2010), as well as with Mystic Selectah (2012) from Madrid, were the starting point in her musical path. It was only a matter of time she would accomplish her international breakthrough through her collaborations with Izi Dub (FR) and Hi Fi Champion (CAN) in 2013.
Her first work on Dubophonic is called “Revolution” and consists of nine tracks of pure consciousness, among them a version of a classic Tappa Zukie tune. Sang in Spanish and English, she uses her warm voice as a trademark of her Mediterranean oriented sound spreading to all listeners the funky vibes of her soul. Alongside with her you can find some exclusive dubs by the Dub Presidents (ES), Svaha Sound System (UK), Mat DT Sound (FR) / Woody Vibes (FR) / Cloud of Vib’s (FR) & Mystic Selectah (SP), as well as a special bonus track by Dave Doma (ES). We say no more, just enjoy the vibes of Jennifer’s music and feel the consciousness of her lyrics.
[DPH009] Jennifer Paulos – Revolution
TRACKS: 01. I Say No More // 02. Amnesical Step (Woody Vibes, MatDTSound & Cloud of Vib’s) // 03. Calidad de vida // 04. Callidad de dub (Mystic Selectah) // 05. Revolution // 06. Dub revolution (Dub Presidents) // 07. Madre Tierra // 08. Earth dub (Svaha Sound System) // 09. Calidad de vida (Dave Doma cut / bonus track)


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WAM FESTIVAL – HUGE this year!!!



Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 November

WAM Festival 2013

Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 November

The revitalized WAM Festival is set to be bigger and better than ever this year, with more showcases of WA’s finest musical talent and opportunities to learn from the world’s best industry figures than you could possibly fit in (we advise taking a few days off work/study/non-local play).

Kick it all off with a taster of some of the best that WA has to offer with the WA Export Showcase at The Bakery on Thursday 7 November, the perfect start to the local love-in. Then head to the WA Music Awards on Friday 8 November to see who goes home with that winning feeling. Hosted by triple j’s Lewi McKirdy and Dom Alessio, plus featuring performances by some of WA’s favourite bands, this is the industry’s night of nights, now open to the public!

Get along to the FREE Saturday Spectacular on November 9, an all-day concert throughout Northbridge with well over 100 acts on 12 stages, including 4 outdoor ones – and all completely free, midday to midnight! Then kick on in to the night at one of TWO WAM Festival Saturday Spectacular after parties, with Night Visions providing two talent-packed options to kick on at The Bakery and Geisha Bar.

Or want to network and hear from some of the best in the industry? Make sure you get yourself a ticket to the WAM Festival Music Conference – two days of workshops, talks and one-on-one sessions with Australia and the world’s best, plus key-notes from Michael Chugg, Adalita and Catherine Haridy. Thursday 7 and Friday 8 November.

All this plus much more, presented as part of WA’s biggest celebration of local music;

WAM Festival 2013!