The Time Is Upon Us!

Posted on 13th March 2012 by Brett Caporn (LRRecords) in events,international,local,must see must do,national - Tags:
December 21, 2012 will be the most focused on date by the greatest number
of people around the globe, in all of recorded History! This is a Calling
Out to everyone that we must put aside our differences, put aside all the
projections and theories about 2012, and be part of the Actualization of
World Peace. Spread the word! Let us be Victorious on Behalf of All Beings
The changing of world ages is ushering in a change of paradigms. We may
put the old world age that is founded on separation and
linear-male-dominant perspective (which breeds fear, greed, and
destruction) behind us, and move into a new era of conscious harmonious
interconnectedness in which equality prevails, and the masculine and
feminine energies are in balance.

"World Peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not the absence of
violence. Peace is the manifestation of human compassion." -The Dalai Lama

We must align with Peace, as a vibration, a mental attitude, and a way of
conducting ourselves with all our relations. We must let go of the old
world?s emphasis on separation and fear, and we must open to being a
bridge to the new world based on the Oneness of our existence. Every being
that lives: people, creatures of the land, sea and air, and all of the
planetary organisms that make up our Biosphere form the Web of Life. We
are interconnected.

We intimately affect each other, and all of life everywhere, by the
choices we make and the energies that we circulate through our emotions,
our thoughts, our words, and our intentions and attitudes. Whether we can
see people across the globe or not, we can feel our interconnection, and
when we take steps to lend our hearts and our hands to the Great Healing
of our World, we contribute to this Great New Peace that is prophesied to
come after the end of this "Fourth World Age of Destruction." This Peace
is a living presence that can guide us and that we can each be instruments
and agents of. This Peace knows no distinctions of race, nationality,
class or religion. This Peace is our shared, universal Mission. WE are the
People these Prophecies from the Ancients were left for, to wake us up to
the extreme importance of how we live our lives, now, here, in these
precious times.

The Time Is Upon Us!