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Why should I buy beats?
Today building your brand as an artist is more important than ever. The music industry has changed its business modell and even big artists like 50 Cent are constantly releasing new free tracks for their fanbase.
These artists understood that their music is a tool to BRAND THEMSELVE!
I can give you a example:
The artists that are buying beats from us are BRANDING THEMSELVES in different ways to create multiple income streams!
Below are some methods explained how artists are making money from multiple streams.
Therefore it doesn’t matter if they print their songs on CD and sell 2000 copies on the streets out of their trunk or sell 7000 as digital units released in Itunes – they are doing much more than selling music – they are building their BRAND AS AN PROFESSIONAL ARTIST!
Here’s a given example:
One artist created a youtube video with a Pianoholic beat that contains ads which make them constantly revenue for a lifetime and they have a visual tool to brand themselves.
Lets say this artists wears his own merchandise, a shirt with his logo in this video and his fans are buying these shirts to show their support – this is besides the strong branding effect another revenue stream to profit from this investment.
After this video gained some views it serves as reputation and this artist gets booked for gigs in their local area and profit again, he’s getting paid for this gig, gets new fans to whom he can sell directly merchandise and his music etc etc….

We have one customer who invested 100 $ for Pianoholic beats and cashed out in return with revenues from all these opportunities above 23000 $ !!! within 5 months.
These artists who have this mindset are the ones that we prefer the most when it comes to music because they understood the principles of marketing and business side of the new music industry.
They are not depending anymore on the major lables as they have the tools and the power to establish themselves on their own – thanks to the social media channels like youtube, twitter and facebook!
So what are you waiting for? Are you willing to bring your career to the next level? Are you sure that you
Stop being dependent on others and get your own beats today! Listen to the beats!

[free track] Goblin by Dysphemic

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scary Halloween music!



‘rascal recommended’

listen, download, share

[new release] DUB FORCE FEAT BLADERUNNER Jah Jah Dub (EXCLUSIVE) – Liondub International

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New bizness from Liondub – ‘rascal recommended’

check it.

[event] November Hussle

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November Hussle.

november hussle 2011

This months stirling line up ..

Contrary to what you may have read on urban dictionary, Ladywood is a new seven-piece act, making their first live appearance at Hussle Hussle this November.The band is fronted by Farren Wood (The Bigness, 2010 WAM song of the year nominee), and made up of some of Perth’s finest players and voices. Combining the classic sounds of neo-soul with some production by fellow Perthians Rae and Dazastah, the sound is sweet and soulful with laid back grooves.
If you like to sway it from side to side, drop it to the floor and just let it grind…don’t miss these guys!

Whether he’s rapping a verse or elocuting poetry , Marksman is a performer blessed with the gift of story telling. Winner of the 2008 Australian Poetry Slam competition and 2 time national runner up, Marksman (mc for hip hop band the Dome Sunset), is a vocalist with an extensive arsenal of sharp rhymes. His succinct social commentary combined with the futuristic/experimental production of hip hop maestro Wisdom 2th makes for an engaging and dynamic collection of work… Marksman will be showcasing tracks from his highly anticipated debut solo ep (due to drop in Dec), ‘The bridges in Spain’.

Producer , composer , multi instrumentalist, emcee and singer, The Empty Cup is a creative force who’s truly on the next.. Coming to the fore in the Perth hip hop scene as a founding member/ chief composer in hip hop super group The Typhoons, the Empty Cup is no stranger to the hustle. His emergence as a solo artist is a further adventure into an already vast sonic landscape, enriched further with the addition of his voice. Complete with a string section, The Empty Cup will be playing at Hussle Hussle with his full 7 piece band. Prepare for the spectacular..

And kicking it all off on a feisty note is Quack Quake, smashing out a debut dj set to make the room bounce.. Hip hop classics off wax, OG steez .. Swag it out and party like its 11/11/11 !

Hussle Hussle
Friday 11th November 2011
8 til 1am , $10 Entry
Mojo’s Bar, North Freo

[new release]“Dubmatix presents Clash Of The Titans – The System Shakedown Remixes”

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‘always quality dubs from Dubmatix – huge release – ‘rascal recommended’


An epic Double Vinyl journey of remixes from some of the world’s most talented producers: Zion Train, G.Corp, Marcus Visionary, Liondub, Vibronics, Victor Rice, Duibvisionist, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Aldubb, Nate Wize, TVS,Subatomic Sound System, and Webcam Hi-Fi.
Bonus tracks: DJ Shine, Eccodek & DJ Brace

Vinyl Release http://amzn.to/tts1xL
CD – http://amzn.to/t9VVxM
Digital on JUNO http://bit.ly/uJHIVe

The concept for this new release materialised in the summer of 2010: on a tropically hot (hot as hades) summer evening in Toronto, Dubmatix and Karsten Frehe (Irie Ites Music) came up with the idea and immediately set about contacting some of the world’s premier dubheads and have them get involved and contribute remix.What was to be just a 12” Vinyl release expanded into a Double 12” Vinyl Release, CD Release and Digital release. The remix material was so good and there was so much of it.
“Dubmatix presents Clash Of The Titans – The System Shakedown Remixes” features an awesome line-up of great remixers/producers: G.Corp (Groove Corporation), Zion Train, Aldubb, Dubvisionist, TVS, Mungo’s HiFi, Marcus Visionary, LionDub, Webcam Hi-Fi, Victor Rice, Vibronics, Subatomic Soundsystem and Nate Wize. Dubmatix contributed an alternate version the Dennis Alcapone track “Struggle”.The resultant release is multifaceted, ranging from roots dub to steppers,more experimental approaches such as dubstep and future dub.Dub has always been open for new styles and ideas! The voices featured on “System Shakedown” also put in an appearance: The Mighty Diamonds, Tippa Irie, Dennis Alcapone, Kulcha Ites, Jay Douglas, The Ragga Twins, Ammoye, Brother Culture and U Brown all feature with vocal parts, embellishing and enriching the futuristic sounds and vibes. Over the past months a great work has emerged and it is now poised to go straight to the hearts and feet of dubheads all over the world.
“This is a release that’s guaranteed to smash up the place! TurnTableTerrorist say so!!!” (WLUW Chicago – USA)
The double-vinyl album is a limited, numbered edition of 500. The CD and digital online release include bonus tracks.
Initiated by Irie Ites Music and Collision (Cause Of Chapter 3) label by ECHO BEACH.

Released by: Collision Records, Irie Ites Music, Renegade Media, Groove Attack
Release/catalogue number: LC
Release date: Oct 25, 2011

[new release] Elissim’s “Natty Fire EP”

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Elissim’s “Natty Fire EP”.




Elissim’s love fueled positive energy brings us another of her exceptional collaborative releases filled with good times and party vibes. Elissim truly writes from the heart, blessed to share time with some of the best artists from around the globe in her production world. The songs on this release feature all original songs written and produced by Elissim and her musical partners.

The first track off this release is NATTY DREAD. Elissim collaborates with Jamaican born Menny More (Easy Star All Stars) to create a song that expresses their solidarity and determination for a good and blessed life for all… The way of Babylon – its not how natty dreads roll… Jah guide and protect us today.
Track 2 EYE C is a song born from pure expression of rhythm and change, like a wave it draws up as another is sucked away… featuring Elissim’s own highly fx’d vox, the message “Every day that I see, the rhythm flows through me” filters through… so sweet.
The third track WROTE D RIDDIM is just a straight up fun party banger… the vocal on this track stems from a recording session Elissim had with Jamaican Superstar Jah Mason…  Playing him one of her tunes, Jah Mason, gave her the inspiration for this track… you know?!? Elissim made d riddim….




We really hope you like the tunes… We have been working hard and are very excited to see DS001 go online all around the world…

Available now through Additech, Itunes (AUS, CAN, UK/EU, USA, JAPAN & MEXICO), Amazon, Raphosidy,Napsteremusic (US / UK) and more on dreadstep.




Nasty Genius & J.Nitrous – Chemical Plant – OUT NOW

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Nasty Genius & J.Nitrous – Chemical Plant – OUT NOW by J.Nitrous

Now available for free at http://www.move-music.com/


Released by: Move Music
Release/catalogue number: MOV000
Release date: Oct 19, 2011

[net-radio] Inhibit & dnb-radio.com Present: InhibitCast //Every Wednesday

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Inhibit & dnb-radio.com present


Inhibit & dnb-radio.com are coming together every Wednesday night to bring you a no holds barred bass assault of the best and freshest upfront Drum & Bass and Dubstep!

Featuring the finest DJs & producers Perth has on offer plus the hottest up n coming local talent, be sure to tune in weekly and stay in the loop of the latest & local tunes, news, competitions and of course live mixing!!!

Hosted by the Inhibit Crew on rotation with regular guest appearances from Perth’s finest, InhibitCast is delivered direct to you live for 2 hours every Wednesday from 8pm-10pm AWST.

Get ready Perth coz we just hi-jacked your air waves!!!

Tune in Via: www.dnb-radio.com

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DSAWFREE Biometrix – Running (VIP)

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found a FREE banger for the day :)

DSAWFREE Biometrix – Running (VIP) by Dubsaw


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SixBux productions is launching two of there sickest recording artists EP’s @ Roxanne Parlour NOV 4th. This party is gonna be MASSIVE and at only $10 entry (like all Dysphemic’s launch partys) we aim to fill the venue WALL TO WALL. On the night expect to hear ALL NEW TUNES by DYS and TUMBLE who is tumbling all the way down from Northern NSW to get the bass all up in yo face eh. With a bunch of other amazing guests this launch is not to be missed…

Download TUMBLE’S new EP “UNKNOWN” here> http://www.addictech.com/s tore/product_info.php?products_id=82450

And DYSPHEMIC’S new EP “MUTHAF#KING DINOSAUR” here>http://www.addictech.com/p /82927

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Tumble/24324153572347 6

SixBux are very proud to announce the release of this incredible EP by one of our most promising artists! This release from the amazingly talented ‘Tumble’ is a 4 track glitch hop EP that thoroughly explores the glitch hop sound. nn’Unknown’ is the first of many epic releases from our boy ‘Tumble’ highlighting his ability to work his way through any given genre, it has been masterfully crafted to showcase Tumble’s ability to understand a sound, offer a new perspective on it and deliver mature and intelligent tunes…… nnExpect to hear something different, something fresh, something Unknown…

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Dysphemic-and-Miss-El iza/182136998489451

The ‘Muth@f#ckn Dinosaur!’ EP from the powerhouse Australian producer Dysphemic, is a hard-hitting and diverse release from an artist widely regarded as one of the most innovative and unique in the scene. From the drumstep stylings of the title track to the emotive and thought-provoking sounds of ‘Creature Child’, which features the incredible Miss Eliza on violin, the EP offers a broad spectrum of immaculately programmed beats and beautifully produced melodies. Keep an eye on Dysphemic & Miss Eliza as their journey to the top continues!

To make this event even bigger invite all your facebook friends!
The instructions are on this page…
http://plasku.kelder.ee/fb -invite-all.txt

See yall on the dance floor!