“Until We Roam” Produced by Bintok

UNTIL WE ROAM cover art

Supporting emerging artists – we present Bintok from Chicago USA:

bintok is a solo project developed by a Shawn Kim. As an undergrad student,
music production has become the creative means to craft aesthetic sounds that
can communicate personal experiences and share aspirations with the listener
for Shawn. As the project continues to develop, it is his aim to create music
that encourages exploration of the perpetual aspects of the listener’s own
observance and travel about some otherworldliness means, or simply bring mere
enjoyment from the listening.

LABEL: Little Rascal Records

ARTIST: Bintok

TITLE: Until We Roam

GENRE: Downtempo / Dubstep


RELEASE DATE: 2018-04-21


Bintok – Until We Roam (Original Mix)

PREVIEW: soundcloud/itsbintok


from Little Rasca...

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…we’re subdividing:

…meanwhile at Cunning Stunts Records a new form is happening, a beast is emerging.! !prepare yourselves for heavy industrial riffage/electronica/FUS.                                                        , and at the Cock Rock Division the much anticipated RC’s are warming up real good now, especially with Fraggle settling in real good on the lead gtrs! and even despite drummer, uklFuzzy being on the injury list doing his back again (this time aparrently putting down the toilet seat!).

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[New release] Horizon EP by Near Edge

Horizon, Near Edge’s Debut EP takes you from atmospheric tracks to deep anddark rollers showing the diversity of his production skills. Coming in at only3 tracks long it starts off taking the listener on a relaxing journey with thetitle track, “Horizon”. Then into hard hitting dark roller territory with”Ragnarok”, then finishes off with “You know This” a liquid funk influencedtrack.
LABEL: Little Rascal RecordsARTIST: Near EdgeTITLE: Horizon EPGENRE: Drum & BassCAT: LRRD30RELEASE DATE: 2018-02-26TRACKS: 3
Near Edge – Horizon (Original Mix)Near Edge – Ragnarok (Original Mix)Near Edge – You Know This (Original Mix)
DOWNLOADS:from Little Rascal Records (direct)from iTunesfrom Juno Download

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Welcome to a new era in Perth Drum & Bass.

We would like to invite you to come celebrate a big change in our city. It’s time to take Drum & Bass back.

Enter Perth’s premiere D&B monthly, showcasing the most upfront and relevant artists in Perth, Australia. Each month, discover the real movers and shakers in Perth’s Drum & Bass culture with EP and release launches, guest Djs and a line-up of new blood artists voted by YOU!

Entry only $10 (Free before 10pm)

Launch Night Artists:

ULTRA SPECIAL GUEST (Announced soon!)
ESYM (Good Karma Music)
GORILLA TACTICS (Gorilla Tactics Music)
Gorilla Tactics
MCs: Assassin, Early Bird, Psyk, Stylee



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Making & Selling vinyl with QRATES

Excited to find this great vinyl service at QRATES. LRRecords will steadily roll out re-releases of some of our back catalog on vinyl utilizing the crowd-funding option at QRATES!


First UP! >>> One of the favorites for sure, A great dubstep classic >>>


ELISSIM feat. Skahna & Cle
(click image)
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Vinyl Format
10” / Black / 45 RPM
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